And her husband Papa sex underwear

And her husband Papa sex underwear


Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that increases sexuality by wearing.Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear is more sexy and artistic, and through unique design, it can emphasize the curve and beauty of the body.Today, we will discuss how to wear sexy underwear with my husband when we are popping.

Prepare in advance

Before wearing a sexy underwear when you are popping, you need to buy and prepare a sexy lingerie.It is very important to choose a set of high -quality and comfortable sexy underwear.In addition, some sex toys need to be prepared to increase interest and stimulus.

Choose the right sexy underwear

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Interest underwear has a variety of styles, colors and materials.It may take some time to choose a style suitable for you and husband.It is recommended to choose love underwear together to satisfy each other.

Maintain comfort

When wearing sexy underwear, comfort is very important.Ensure that the sexy underwear with the right size should be comfortable and breathable to avoid affecting the sexual experience.

warm up

Before wearing sexy lingerie, some warm -up exercises are made to relax your body, increase your body flexibility, and create a good atmosphere.

Visual effect

The design of sexy underwear is to increase the visual effect of sex.Choosing a bright and unique sexy underwear can easily increase sexual stimuli and fun.

Sexy movement

When wearing sexy underwear, you can try some sexy movements.For example, show the body curve and aesthetics in some way, or experience some unusual sexual positions.



Wearing erotic underwear can help evoke imagination.You can use role -playing to turn yourself and husband into different characters, thereby increasing fun and stimuli.

Sex toy

Sexual toys can increase interest and excitement to sex.When wearing sexy underwear, use toys can increase some additional stimuli.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the use of safe and effective toys, and pay attention to cleaning and hygiene.

Good after

After wearing a sexy underwear when you are popping, you must clean up sexy underwear and sex toys in time, and pay attention to hygiene to avoid diseases and infections.


It is a way to increase sexual interest and stimulus with her husband’s sexy underwear.Choosing sexy underwear, sexual toys that suits you and husbands, keep comfortable, warm -up and sexy movements, can increase the fun and stimulus of sex.But pay attention to safety and health, and maintain good health with N.