How to wear the sexy underwear in the mall

How to wear the sexy underwear in the mall

Sex underwear is a underwear that provides sexual pleasure, and sometimes even becomes part of erotic games.For some people, wearing sexy underwear can enhance sexual desire and pleasure, but for others, sexy underwear may make them feel uncomfortable.Therefore, wearing sexy underwear will have some skills.This article will introduce the wearing skills of the sexy underwear in the mall.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

It is essential to choose a sexy underwear that suits you before wearing sex underwear.There are many types and materials of the sexy underwear in the mall, suitable for people with different figures and preferences.You should buy a comfortable and sexy underwear, such as cotton or tender silk underwear to reduce skin discomfort.

Perform sexy underwear correctly

Different types of erotic underwear include one -third of the cup, conjoined, box, coat type and underwear type.When wearing sexy underwear, you should first ensure that your body proportions are coordinated, and then take care of the main points of dressing skills.

Choose the right size

The size of the sexy underwear may be slightly different from the conventional underwear size.Therefore, you should choose a sexy underwear suitable for your body size.

Purchase of sexy underwear according to the occasion

Sex underwear suppliers now provide many sexy underwear, which need to be selected according to the occasion.If you wear sexy underwear alone, you can choose a sexy style; if you want to enhance the excitement in sex games, you can match a set of sexy underwear for couples.

The combination of sexy underwear and jacket

A good match can achieve more effort, and the same is true for wearing erotic underwear.Naked sexy underwear can be paired with a translucent jacket, or short T -shirts, short leather clothes and denim jackets.Deep V -neck T -shirt is also a good choice.

Pay attention to your own comfort in sexy underwear

After wearing a sexy underwear, pay attention to your own comfort.If these sexy underwear makes you feel uncomfortable, then it will affect your pleasure and fun.Therefore, choose a sexy underwear that suits you and pay attention to the washing instructions on the label.

Preparation before dressing

If you want to wear beautiful sexy underwear, you need to make relevant preparations first.Be sure to wash the goods first. For the sake of physical hygiene, it is best to choose natural laundry solution and water.If you lack interest, you can choose some sexy fragrance and aromatic shower solution or bath salt to add romantic atmosphere.

Depending on personal preference

Sex and sexy underwear are very personal and varies from personal preferences.For these reasons, there is no standard answer to explain how to wear sexy underwear.What kind of sexy underwear to choose is determined by personal preferences and satisfaction.

in conclusion

Mall sexy underwear is an underwear that provides sexual pleasure. It has certain skills.First of all, choose a sexy underwear that suits you, and then choose a sexy underwear suitable for the occasion. Pay attention to the matching of sexy underwear and jacket, and pay attention to your own comfort.If you want to look good in sexy underwear, you need to be prepared enough.Finally, choose how to wear sexy underwear according to personal preference.

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