Put on sexy lingerie Papa video

Put on sexy lingerie Papa video

Sex is one of the most natural behaviors of human beings.And sexy underwear makes sex more interesting and more surprising.Today, we will explore how to choose and wear sexy underwear to bring a more exciting sexual experience.Here are some suggestions and ideas to help you understand how to correctly wear sexy underwear to enhance your sexual experience.

Choose rationality and avoid excessive stimulation

Choosing the right model and size is the primary task of wearing sexy underwear. Be careful not to choose too tight or overly loose underwear.Do not cause damage or physical discomfort due to too strong stimulation.Another thing to note is that the demand between men and women is different.Some homosexuals will choose male underwear, which can enhance their sexual behavior and allow them to get more sexual enjoyment.

Color and material are important

Colors and materials are two aspects that cannot be ignored.Black uniforms, light soft texture, and bright light are all popular choices.When choosing underwear, you must choose the material that meets your hobbies and needs.Soft texture and silk -like touch can also help bring a better sex experience.

Multi -angle and various styles

Wearing sexy underwear can bring unexpected surprises and happiness. Try to put on some endless underwear, from different angles and Hoyle, so that sexual behavior can be more diverse and more interesting.At the same time, overcome some rules and routines, try different styles, bring more impact and joy.Try to wear a deep mouth sling, lace lace or beige pantyhose, these styles may become a way to increase sexual interest.

Both the mirror and the camera can enhance the experience

The scene of the blood -sucking scene in the Italian movie "Night Visits Vampire" is very sexy. One reason is that the two sides saw the reflection of the two people in the mirror.This visual effect is effective for many people.At the same time, cameras can also become one of the ways to cause orgasm.For you and your lover, the camera can easily take visual editing and photos to help you recall and enjoy these good times in the future.

Not limited to bed

Most couples only have sex in bed. This method may become boring, making people feel monotonous and boring.Try to play in the living room, balcony, bathroom and other places, so that it is easier to create an atmosphere of interest and desire.Try to put on sexy underwear, twist and swing wildly, make the sexy and move perfectly combine, which can increase the desire and freshness of sex.

Keep simplicity and authenticity

Wearing a sexy underwear can increase sexy and index, but remember not to be too exposed or trying to decorate.Appropriate sexy underwear can increase the opposite sex and bring more sexual contact opportunities.At the same time, remember to keep simple and authentic.The desire in sex is very strong, but don’t violate the moral and ethical standards too much.Try to solve the problem frank, simple, and transparent, and keep each other respect and loyalty to each other.

Allow yourself to change and change

Sex needs to be continuously changed and innovated, and sexy underwear is a way to help people achieve this goal.But remember not to rely too much on this way. Once a dependence is formed, it is difficult to withdraw from this state.Constantly challenging and changing yourself, maintaining a novel state, can help you better enjoy sex with your partner.


Wearing erotic underwear can strengthen sex life and increase sexual fun.Proper underwear and various innovative methods can make life more colorful.The key is to maintain reality and simplicity, and at the same time allow yourself to change and improve.Similarly, maintaining communication and respect with your partner, and appreciating the needs and understanding of the other party is an important prerequisite for your sexual experience.

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