Sexy underwear Korean

Sexy underwear Korean

1. Funeral underwear basic vocabulary

In South Korea, sexy underwear is called ‘???’ (RANJERI), of which ‘?’ (Ran) borrowed from English words ‘lingerie’ "(female) underwear"At the end of ‘??’ (Jeri) to form a complete Korean statement.Therefore, when buying or finding related products, you can use the word for retrieval.

2. Korean sex lingerie brand

There are many erotic underwear brands in South Korea, some of them, such as ‘????’ (LilyAhtan) and ‘????’ (lovepose) have become outstanding brand representatives.The quality of these brands has high quality, diverse styles and moderate prices.

Third, it is suitable for sexy underwear on different occasions

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In South Korea, sexy underwear is not only used for Valentine’s Day, but also can be worn on more different occasions.For example, if you want to celebrate your birthday in sexy underwear, you can choose a bright color and unique design.If you want to attend a wedding, you can choose a more elegant and luxurious sexy underwear, which can make you feel confident and beautiful.

Fourth, the size and material of sexy underwear

The size of Korean sex lingerie is relatively small, and the size of different brands may be slightly different.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, it is best to determine your exact size.Most of the materials of sexy underwear are exquisite lace and soft silk. These materials are comfortable, soft and very beautiful.In addition, there are some small metering devices for some sexy underwear products that can be easily adjusted.

5. Different types of sexy underwear

The Korean sex lingerie market is large and provides consumers with a variety of underwear styles.A common erotic lingerie style is’ ???? ‘(Belluneubura), which is called the "drum -up bray bras’; another popular underwear style is’ ????’ (SyoteUpanti), this is a onePlant shorts type underwear.In addition, there are other popular styles, such as ‘???’ (Doyaseteu), which is a kind of tight underwear, especially suitable for women who want to shape their figures.

6. How to wear sexy underwear correctly

After buying emotional underwear, it is also very important to wear.Here are some suggestions and precautions:

Wash it before wearing a sex lingerie to ensure cleaning and hygiene

Don’t worry about having an unusual pressure when you wear it

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Pay attention to the appropriate sexy underwear size to ensure comfort

Upper and lower underwear matching should be coordinated

Seven, sexy underwear special activities

South Korea has many special activities related to sexy underwear, such as anniversary activities, discount promotional activities, etc.These activities can help customers buy more affordable sexy underwear.

Eight, the purchase of sexy lingerie gifts

In South Korea, sexy underwear is also a common gift choice.If you want to give a female friend, lover or spouse a special gift, then sexy underwear is an excellent choice.

Nine, customer feedback

Judging from the feedback from Korean customers, the comfort and style of sexy underwear are the two main aspects of the purchase.In addition, Korean consumers also attach great importance to the quality and price of underwear.When buying sexy underwear, it is best to first consider your favorite style and material, and then take the price as the main consideration.

Ten, the ultimate point of sexy underwear

In general, the sexy underwear market in South Korea is very large, the brand and style are very diverse, which can meet the various needs of customers.When buying, the most important thing is to try to find your favorite style to ensure comfort and confidence.