Sexy underwear model show Shu Qi

Sexy underwear model show Shu Qi

Shu Qi’s sexy underwear model experience

Shu Qi is a well -known Taiwanese actress who is very popular because of its fresh and pretty appearance, slender figure.But few people know that she has also worked as a sexy underwear model in the entertainment industry.In this article, we will explore Shu Qi’s sexy underwear model experience.

Shu Qi’s erotic lingerie brand endorsement

In 2009, Shu Qi became the spokesperson for a sexy underwear brand.She showed her sexy and charm in the brand’s advertisement, and brought a good publicity effect to the brand.

The appearance of Shu Qi at the underwear show

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As a sexy underwear model, it is very important to show your figure.In 2011, Shu Qi appeared at a underwear exhibition held in Hong Kong and wore a set of black lace sexy underwear to show her perfect figure.

Her appearance characteristics can bring advantages to sexy underwear brands

Shu Qi has a fresh and pretty appearance, which is different from some traditional sexy actresses.But the concept of such shape and sexy underwear complement each other. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that she can become the spokesperson of the sexy underwear brand.

She was once "praised" as "plastic chest queen"

As mentioned above, Shu Qi’s figure line is perfect.She was once called "Queen of Plastic Plastic Breast" because her chest was very prominent, which was an advantage for showing sexy underwear.

Her sexy underwear style

Shu Qi’s sexy underwear style is famous for its simplicity, beauty and generosity.Her sexy underwear is usually black or white, but never has too much decoration.This style of sexy underwear is very suitable for those who pursue simplicity and high quality.

Shu Qi’s sexy underwear display method

Shu Qi’s erotic underwear is very generous, and she usually does not adopt an excessive exposure or too teasing posture.The temperament and style she shows is also different from the traditional sexy actress image.

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Shu Qi’s sexy underwear endorsement fee

As the spokesperson of the sexy underwear brand, Shu Qi’s endorsement costs are very high.It is reported that she had received a endorsement fee of 10 million yuan.This number shows her value in the sexy underwear industry.

Her sexy underwear endorsement effect

As the spokesperson of the sexy underwear brand, Shu Qi not only brought an advertising effect to the brand, but also improved the brand’s reputation.Her endorsement effect is very good, and the sales of the brand have also increased significantly.

Conclusion: Shu Qi is a very successful sexy underwear model

In general, Shu Qi is a very successful sexy underwear model.Her appearance characteristics, good figure, fresh and pretty image, and generous and beautiful sexy underwear style make her a spokesperson for the sexy underwear brand.Her success also provides a lot of inspiration for other people who want to be sexy underwear models.