Sexy underwear pants, Yin pearl

Sexy underwear pants, Yin pearl

What is thongs, pearls?

Through pants, the pearl is a sexy, exciting and teasing sexy underwear.Its design is similar to thongs, but there is an important difference: its lower part design has a thin line. This thin line will pass through your pussy and hips and end it at a small pearl.

This little pearl will stimulate your sensitive area during action or activities, bringing you a strong sexual stimulus.Therefore, thongs are the first choice for many women’s nightlife occasions.

Types of thong Leyin Pearl

Over time, there are more and more companies that manufacture thongs. They have designed many different styles of thongs and pearls for consumers to meet different needs and preferences.

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First, you can choose different materials, such as silk, cotton and lace.Secondly, you can choose different colors and patterns to meet your personal taste and occasions.

Suitable for wearing thong Leyin Pearl

Through pants are usually worn on sexy places and occasions, such as nightclubs, corner bars, Valentine’s Day and Halloween Party.It can also be used for many innovative and exciting sex games and role -playing occasions.

However, you also need to consider the customs and dress requirements of the occasion.Do not wear thongs in public places or in public places or formal dressing.

The size of the thong Leyin Pearl

It is very important to choose the correct size.If your thongs are too small or tight, it will squeeze your sensitive area and cause pain.If it is too big or loose, it will lose the stimulus effect.

Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully measure your hips and waist circumference when choosing a thong Leyin Pearl, and select the correct size according to the size guide provided by the manufacturer.

How to clean the thongs and pearls

Cleaning and maintenance of your thongs are also important.To prevent bacteria from growing and extending the service life, you should wash them and use neutral soap.


It is not necessary to rub hard, you should gently press and knead to remove dirt and sweat stains.It is recommended not to expose the sun when drying, so as not to cause damage to the fabric and pearls.

The advantages and disadvantages of thong Leyin Pearl

Compared with traditional underwear, thongs have many advantages.First of all, it is very sexy and teasing, which can increase self -confidence and sexual attraction.

Secondly, it can stimulate sensitive areas, allowing you to create an exciting atmosphere in the room, which can increase sexual interest and pleasure.

The disadvantage is that if you don’t pay attention to wearing and maintenance, you may cause infection and discomfort.In addition, it may not be comfortable enough and may affect action and activities.

How to match the thongs and pearls with other sexy underwear

Through pants, the pearls can be worn with other sexy underwear to increase attractiveness and sexual adventure.For example, you can choose black lace bra and high -heeled shoes to match your thongs.

You can also choose sexy bellybands, lace gloves and other sexy underwear to match.However, please note that don’t choose too tight or too tight sexy underwear.Otherwise, it may affect the comfort and stimulus effect of thong pants.

Is it suitable for all women?

Through pants are not suitable for all women’s sexy underwear.If you have any infection, inflammation, cracks, herpes or other gynecological problems, you should avoid wearing thongs, because it may increase these problems.

Similarly, if you think that thongs are too irritating or uncomfortable, you should not use such sex underwear forcibly.

in conclusion:

In any case, if you intend to try new stimulation and adventure in sexy underwear, then thongs are a good choice.As long as you choose the correct size, material and style according to your needs and preferences, and correctly wear and maintain, it can become one of your sexiest and exciting underwear.