Sexy underwear seller show funny

Sexy underwear seller show funny

Sexy underwear seller show funny

As a unique underwear style, sexy underwear has always been sought after.As a seller, if you want to stand out in the fierce market competition, you need to have some different ideas.Here are some funny shows of sexy underwear sellers.

Model wearing dinosaur

In some erotic lingerie stores, the seller found a model wearing a dinosaur to show the product.This model not only has a special appearance, but also boldly shows the key parts of each sexy underwear, which has attracted the attention of many customers.

Women’s model

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In some sexy lingerie stores, the seller will also find some women’s men’s models to show women’s underwear.The purpose of this is to allow customers to better understand the effectiveness of the product, and at the same time, it also adds fun in the store.

Beauty model cosplay

In some large -scale erotic lingerie stores, sellers will invite some sexy beauty models to come to Cosplay comics, games or movies.This can not only make the atmosphere more active, but also attract more customers to buy.

Models transform into super heroes

In some sexy lingerie stores, the seller will invite some tall models to transform into a superhero.The purpose of this is to highlight the "sense of power" on the superhero, and it also makes it easier for customers to bring themselves into it.

Model Cosplay Queen Queen

In some more niche sexy lingerie stores, the seller will invite some sexy queen Fan Er models to Cosplay Queen.Coupled with the transformed decoration and sound effects in the store, customers seem to be in a dark and exciting scene.

Models and clerks to perform performances

In some erotic lingerie stores, sellers and clerks will join forces to show short dramas, showing the dressing effects and use points of underwear in a witty way.This performance is both interesting and practical, and is welcomed by customers.

Lingerie Set

Model Football PK

During some football season, sellers will invite some hot models to wear sex football underwear and play PK games with fans in the store.Such activities can not only enhance the atmosphere of the store, but also promote the interaction between customers and clerks.

Sellers and models fight together

In some small erotic lingerie stores, sellers and models will be scolded together. Such a move can increase the sense of tacit understanding between customers and clerks, and can also increase sales to a certain extent.

Sellers and customers "draw" underwear together

In some more literary and sexy lingerie stores, sellers will also invite some talented customers to come to the store for "sexy lingerie exhibition".In this display session, everyone can do it together to make graffiti and painting on the white underwear, and combine the music effects in the store to create an imaginative art space.


Through the introduction of the above -mentioned funny shows, it is not difficult to find that sexy underwear sellers not only have professional knowledge and skills, but also have some unique sales methods and creativity, so that customers not only meet the purchasing needs, but also enjoyed once.Very pleasant interactive experience.