Sims Life 4 Sexy Underwear MOD Integration

Sims Life 4 Sexy Underwear MOD Integration


In "Sims 4", players can experience the taste, personality and emotional state of the characters.Among them, the sexy underwear MOD presents different types of underwear styles to players, which enhances the interest and creativity of gamers.This article will introduce how to integrate the use of sexy underwear MOD and precautions in Sims 4.

Choose sexy underwear mod mod

First of all, we need to choose a sexy underwear MOD in the community, and we can choose a batch of different styles of underwear mods to meet the needs of different roles.In the process of selection, we should care about the source of MOD, scores and comments, and the simulation life 4 version 4.

Download and install mod

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After downloading the MOD file, you can use the decompression software to guide the CC (Custom Content) folder in the MOD file into the MODS folder of the Sims 4 folder of the Sims 4 folder of the simulation life 4 game.If the MODS folder does not exist, you can create a new Mods folder in the game client folder.

Enable and disable MOD

On the homepage of the game, we can select "Game Options" and "Other" options, and check the "Enable Custom Content and MODS" check box.Note that on the premise of enabling custom content and MODS, we also need to ensure that the latest version 4 game version of simulation life has been upgraded.If a MOD needs to be disabled, we can delete or move it into another folder in the MODS folder.

Use multiple mods at the same time

In order to achieve the best game experience, we can run multiple sexy underwear mods at the same time.However, when using multiple mods, we need to pay special attention to whether there are compatible conflicts, and setting the priority order of MOD.Regardless of the changes in the objects in the game or when modifying the game content, you need to set the priority order of the MOD first.

Create a sexy underwear suitable for the character of 4 characters

In Sims Life 4 games, we need to choose the corresponding sexy underwear MOD according to the personality and emotional state of different characters.For example, if your character has a lot of work requirements, you may need to wear a simple and generous underwear. If it is a lively and cheerful figure, we can choose a fancy or surprising underwear style to enhance your character characterEssence

Gender choice

We can choose different types of sexy underwear mods in the game according to men or women.Men can choose sexy underwear suitable for their own comfort and high quality, while women can choose bold, romantic, sweet, sexy and other underwear styles.Whether men or women, you can find your own personalized taste in your simulation life 4 character.

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When using sexy underwear MOD, we need to pay attention to the following points: First of all, do not use the simulation life 4 with other MOD files, so as not to have compatibility errors; second, do not put the MOD files on the game folder outside the game folderIn any folder, problems such as MOD files are damaged or lost; in the end, we need to replace and update our sexy underwear MOD regularly to ensure the safety and performance of its use.


By using sexy underwear MOD in Sims 4 games, we can create simulated characters with different styles and personality characteristics, which enhances the fun and creativity of the game.But at the same time, we need to reasonably install and manage our own MODs to avoid the emergence of anti -effects such as errors and pauses.