Stealing women’s sexy jelly

Stealing women's sexy jelly

The harm of stealing women’s sexy underwear

Women’s sexy underwear, as the protection and decorations of women’s private parts, is one of the clothes that many women like.However, with the popularity of sexy underwear, the stolen sex lingerie also happened from time to time.This will not only cause losses and damage to women, but also cause some harm to society.This article will discuss the hazards of women’s sexy underwear.

1. Cause losses to women’s property

Interest underwear is usually expensive. Many women spend a lot of financial resources to buy, but if you encounter thieves stealing sex underwear, they will cause property losses.For those women who are very precious, this loss cannot be made up.At the same time, because of the strong concealment, some women may not have found that the sexy lingerie has been stolen, which makes the stolen sex lingerie list cannot be determined in terms of amount, causing greater losses in women’s property.

2. The violation of the privacy of women

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Interest underwear is part of women’s privacy, so when stealing women’s erotic underwear, it is actually infringing on women’s privacy.If the stolen erotic underwear is spread and exposed without women’s permission, it will greatly violate women’s dignity and privacy.This harm will not only cause psychological harm in women, but also may cause actual trouble to women.

3. Bringing a threat to women’s security

For women who are unmarried or just entered the marriage hall, sexy lingerie stealing will threaten their security.People who stole erotic underwear may lurk around women’s residences, bringing harassment and threats to women.In addition, theft is a criminal behavior. It is extremely unfavorable to the impact on society and others, which will affect their lives and property safety.

4. The blow to women’s self -confidence

For those who love underwear lovers, sexy underwear is not only a means to protect and decorate their bodies, but also to help them build self -confidence and expression of themselves.But if the sexy underwear is stolen, it will fight the self -confidence of women, making them feel infringed, and no longer dare to try more sexy underwear or any external things.

5. Damage to women’s mental health

If the erotic underwear is stolen, it will cause damage to women’s mental health.The unique design and depth of women’s sex lingerie can create a unique woman beauty.When the sex lingerie is stolen, this beauty will be lost, which will bring trauma and sadness to women’s hearts.Only by cherishing and protecting your sexy underwear can you truly enjoy the wonderful feelings brought by sexy underwear.

6. Impact on the degree of social civilization

Modern society pays attention to personal privacy and freedom of expression, and the behavior of stealing women’s sexy underwear seriously violates this social concept.This behavior degenerates the degree of civilization of society, and rogue acts occupy the upper hand.If we can resolutely stop this behavior, we can fundamentally maintain the civilization and order of society.


7. The potential threat to women’s health

Interest underwear is a clothing that close the skin. If you do not clean or maintain, it may bring health problems such as bacterial breeding, odor and dermatitis.If women’s erotic underwear is stolen, they will lose the cleaning and maintenance and maintenance of their own sexy underwear, which can easily cause health problems. Therefore, such theft needs to be vigilant.

8. The impact on personal image

Sex underwear is part of women, like flowers present the beauty of women.If the sexy underwear is stolen, it will not only affect the beauty of women, but also affect personal image and social activities.When others know that their sexy underwear is stolen, they will feel that their faces are nowhere to be delegated, which affects their personal image and daily social activities to a certain extent. This is unacceptable to women.


Stealing women’s interest underwear is a serious violation of personal privacy. This theft should cause our vigilance.In response to this situation, we should strengthen the protection of sexy underwear and increase the blow to such theft.At the same time, women should also pay attention to the maintenance and identification of their sexy underwear, so that they will no longer become the goal of thieves, so as to prevent greater losses and threats.