Taobao shop decoration repair of sexy underwear templates

Taobao shop decoration repair of sexy underwear templates

As a Taobao seller, everyone wants to renovate their own stores, the better, so that customers will be attracted as soon as they enter the store.And sexy underwear shops need to pay more attention to visual effects, especially to convey sexy and charm.Here are some suggestions on Taobao stores to decorate sexy underwear templates.

1. Select commonly used colors to make templates (black, red, white, etc.)

The style of sexy underwear is mainly sexy and charm, and the color design should complement it.Black, red, and white colors are commonly used in sexy underwear, with strong sexy and charm, and it is very suitable for matching with various types and fabrics. Use these colors to make Taobao shop templates will definitely attract attention.

2. Use high -definition big pictures to display underwear effects

The high -definition big picture can better show the texture and effect of the underwear, making it easier for customers to be attracted.In order to achieve the best visual effects, we can use 4K high -definition picture quality, cut the picture into a unified size, and highlight the details of each part.

3. Use high saturation and strong contrasting picture design

High saturation and highly contrasting picture design can make the overall effect more vivid and make it easier for products to be discovered by customers.You can use graphic design software such as PHOTOSHOP to adjust the picture, enhance the color and contrast of the image, and use high -quality picture materials to improve the overall texture of the store.

4. Pay attention to the expansion of underwear

The underwear display method also needs to be visual effects.You can use models for display, or display methods such as skirts to avoid using plastic and other not beautiful display methods.At the same time, pay attention to the folds and fixing of the underwear to ensure the neatness of the display.

5. Use flash maps to attract customers

Flash map is a commonly used design method that makes customers more easily attracted.You can add a beautiful female image or product picture to the main interface, and add a short text, so that you can easily attract customers’ attention.

6. Use the displayed font with sexy pictures

Pay attention to the use of sexy fonts and display pictures to make it easier for customers to remember this brand and store.The font size and font style of the font should be consistent with the company’s brand. Generally, the art characters downloaded from major font resource websites will definitely have font design suitable for sexy underwear shops.

7. Built -in WeChat contact customer service function

Taobao store decoration can use WeChat customer service functions, so that customers can communicate directly with the owner while browsing products.WeChat customer service can help solve customers ‘questions and provide commodity consulting services. This can increase the enthusiasm of customers’ purchase, thereby increasing store sales.

8. Pay attention to the typeset design

The typesetting design is a more important aspect of the decoration of the sex underwear shop.First of all, the typesetting should be neat and there are no messy errors. The text should be clarified with two types of fonts: large white body and Song style.Secondly, understand the direction of consideration, do not have a comment or a product in the wrong direction.This will cause people to cause visual confusion.

in conclusion:

This article gives some suggestions for Taobao stores to repair sexy underwear templates, including choosing common colors, using high -definition large pictures, using high saturated pictures, paying attention to underwear display methods, using flash pictures to attract customers, using display fonts and WeChat WeChatCustomer service and other functions.These methods will create a beautiful and sexy Taobao shop template for you to enhance the attractiveness and brand awareness of the store, so as to earn more profits for you.

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