Taobao shop takes sexy underwear photo models


Buying sexy underwear on Taobao has become a trend. When Taobao shop owners are posted photos of sexy underwear, they usually choose to use models to show the effect.However, choosing the right model can not only show the effect of sexy underwear, but also attract more buyers to pay attention to your shop.Here are some skills about how to take sexy underwear photos and choose the right model.

Understand your target customer

Considering who the target customer group of your shop is, such as young ethnic groups that love sexy underwear, European and American clothing, international fast fashion and adult toys, then you need to choose models related to this age group.This specific audience.

Choose the right model

Choosing the right model is the key to showing the effect of sexy underwear.You need to find a model with strong affinity and good temperament, so that you can show a sense of relaxation, natural and confident in the photo.Of course, models should also have a body line that matches sexy underwear to show the best effect.

Consider the size of clothing

Before selecting sexy underwear, please confirm whether they are in line with the figure of the model you choose.After determining the size, the clothes should be hardcover to the appropriate part, bright, without any wrinkles.

Use light and background

Appropriate lights and backgrounds can add a lot of photos of sexy underwear.You can choose to use a white background or texture wall as the background, and the effect of using the spotlight and gloss to magnify the clothes.If you shoot the location, you must find a place where the background will not make the sexy underwear lose color.

Movement posture

The effect of sexy underwear is healthy, sexy and attractive appearance, and the action posture can show these elements.You can let the model put different postures, such as reverse, standing, sitting down or leaning against the wall, showing the unique charm of sexy underwear.


The quality of the appropriate shooting angle has a great impact.Take sexy underwear from multiple angles, such as front, side, and 45 degrees to show the appearance, lines, details and textures of sexy underwear.


After the shooting is completed, you can use a small repair of the photo to enhance the color, increase the brightness, adjust the curve, and remove the impurities in the photo.

Image compression and size

Taobao limited the upload size and length ratio of each picture. When the Taobao shop owner uploads the picture, please pay attention to set the picture size and size according to the requirements of the Taobao platform.


In the process of taking sexy underwear photos, you need to consider multiple factors, including choosing the right model, lighting and background, shooting angle and post -shooting post -production.After investing time and energy to deal with these problems, your product photos will impress customers and increase sales and customer loyalty.

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