Taobao’s heart sadness comment

1. The problem of the problem

Recently, more and more people choose to buy sexy underwear on Taobao, not only because they are cheap, but also because they can choose at home with peace of mind, without having to face embarrassing scenes.However, after receiving the real thing, buyers frequently encountered problems such as incorrect size and poor quality, leaving a lot of sour comments.What causes this?Let’s take a look together.

2. Size chaos

Many erotic underwear uses standard codes. Buyers can only choose according to their own body type, but what is the setting based on this standard?It is likely to be the standards of other countries, not China.Therefore, it often encounters problems with inappropriate sizes, leading to uncomfortable dressing.

3. Quality participation

Some sexy underwear looks cheap, but in fact the quality is picked out from the idle market.After finally waiting for the goods, I found that the fabric was very thin, and some places were messy.This situation is very disappointing.

4. The gap between the picture and the real thing

Many sexual underwear’s promotional pictures look beautiful and sexy, but after receiving the real thing, it is completely different from the models on the picture. It is also unpopular because of the quality.This situation makes it difficult for people to trust sexy underwear on Taobao.

5. Word of mouth is not hard

In addition to pictures and prices, consumers are also very concerned about the reputation of goods.However, some sexy underwear sellers, for short -term benefits, will delete reviews in the comment area and delete the poor review.Some consumers misleaded and chose unreal products.This approach will also disturb the consumer market.

6. Different brands are difficult to distinguish

On Taobao, different sellers will use similar advertising languages and pictures to promote products. It is difficult for buyers to distinguish the authenticity of the brand.This will cause mistakes when buying, and even if it is selected on the brand’s underwear, it is impossible to guarantee that the products you get are in your own mind.

7. Rough packaging

The sexy underwear purchased either has no good packaging or was rolled into a small ball and threw it in the courier box. This will not only protect underwear, but also affect the effect of next wear.For people who love beauty, this is undoubtedly a big blow.

8. Cumbersome purchase process

You need to browse a lot of products to buy sex underwear, check the evaluation one by one, and pay attention to the buyer show.Such a process is cumbersome and easy to miss the style of your favorite.Moreover, even if you have bought it, there are problems such as exchanges and other problems that need to be solved, adding unnecessary troubles.

9. It’s difficult to clean

The frequency of sexy underwear is not high, so it needs to be cleaned frequently.However, many underwear accessories are complicated, and they need to be washed alone, and some fabrics are difficult to deal with.For those who do not know how to clean, it is easy to cause damage.

10. Overall speech

Although sexy underwear is designed to be sexy and beautiful, in terms of buyers, it pays more attention to comfort and quality.In order to fundamentally solve the above problems, sellers need to pay attention to their own reputation, ensure quality, distinguish from other brands, and take into account the customer experience.At the same time, buyers should also make preparations, confirm their size, choose rational choices, and carefully check the product evaluation in order to avoid sadness in the purchase.

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