Teaching sexy underwear movies

Teaching sexy underwear movies

Interesting underwear, it is not only used for special occasions or special needs, but has become a must -have in daily life.However, many people are confused about how to buy, match, and even how to increase sexy atmosphere when wearing sexy underwear.Below, I will teach you how to increase self -confidence and sexy temperament with sexy underwear through the plot and celebrities in the movie.

1. Sexy lace stockings

In "Greedy Wolf", the heroine Yang Mi was wearing a pair of black lace stockings and high heels in a high -end dinner, adding a lot of sexy and charm.The lace stockings are so magical. It not only makes the leg lines more wonderful, but also makes people more eye -catching.At present, there are various styles of lace stockings on the market, such as simple black styles and diamonds, you may wish to choose according to your preferences and matching.

2. Be careful of V -shaped underwear

When we hear the word V underwear, the temptation that evoke is often very strong.In fact, because it can efficiently show the hip curve and beautiful legs, even if it is daily, it is a very good choice.For example, in "The Story that is more sad than sadness", Yang Mi is equipped with V -line underwear.Not only is it highly comfortable, but you can also add a little sexy atmosphere in daily life.

3. Don’t forget the exquisite red lips

If there is another kind of thing that can add some sexy, it is red.In the movie "The Girls We Chasing Together", Zhou Dongyu attracted the attention of the actor with a bright lipstick.In other words, whether it is formal or daily life, applying a red lips is enough to make us more confident.

4. Create a star’s aura

For the choice of single products, we can find inspiration and methods from the stars’ wear.For example, the goddess Yang Mi can always be able to perform the score of himself through wearing.For example, she likes to selectively sexy styles when wearing underwear, which often shows the sexy temperament of women.Therefore, we may wish to pay more attention to the details of some fashion stars to better create our own aura.

5. Enhancement of chest effects

For women, the role of underwear is not only a backer in the process of communication, but also a must -have for the perfect shape of the chest lines.The audience who has watched the "Legend of Zhong Rang" will definitely notice that what the actor sees a beautiful eagle when he appears, and the beads wearing the eagle are also essential.Similarly, in order to improve the effect of the chest, the choice of underwear in some occasions is also essential.If you can choose the right pad, or choose the material to support the full style.

6. Reasonable grasp of underwear

Whether wearing underwear or choosing underwear, it is very important to reasonably master the underwear.You know, you need to consider a lot of details.In addition to mastering some tips, you must also pay attention to the size and style of the underwear.The correct choice can make our dress comfortable and comfortable.

7. Fantasy close -up underwear

You should not need to explain too much for elegant and warm personal underwear.In addition to adding fun, warm skin is also essential.In the movie "Love of High Altitude 2", Lin Zhiling wore pink petal underwear, which looked particularly delicate.If you want to show your own personality and sweetness, then choose some styles such as flowers, lace and other patterns.

8. Hidden sexy small objects

Finally, don’t forget: fashion often contains some details and specials.For example, in the movie "May You Don’t Leave Me", the heroine Zhang Junning wore a white hip skirt. Although the overall shape was very simple, after choosing a transparent bellyband underwear belt, it obviously felt more passionate and feminine charm.Therefore, you can also put some hidden small objects in your own match, so that you are more sexy and attractive.


Interest underwear, while adding sexy atmosphere, also needs to highlight personality and characteristics.Whether in daily wear or special occasions, you need to choose reasonably, cooperate with matching, so as to better show your curve and charm.

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