Tell me about wearing fun underwear

Paragraph: The story behind the sex lingerie

Interest underwear is a clothing specifically used to enhance the emotional experience of couples. It is intended to stimulate people’s visual or touch and integrate into the game.The biggest difference from ordinary underwear is that their design and materials are more sexy and irritating.Wearing sexy underwear can make people more passionate in sex games.And today’s sexy underwear is no longer embarrassing, it has become a fashion and lifestyle.

Paragraph 2: Charming European and American Instead

The style of European and American sex lingerie has strong sexy and romantic elements.Their color is mostly black, red, purple, silver, gold and other colors, and the design is bold and sexy.Generally, European and American sexy underwear will also add supporting accessories such as handcuffs, leather whip, etc.For some people who are pursuing excitement, European and American sexy underwear may meet their needs.

Third paragraph: charming Japanese sexy underwear

Compared to European and American sexy underwear, Japanese sexy underwear is more cute and girl.Their styles are mostly lace and bow, and their colors are pale pink, light blue and other light colors.The charm of Japanese sex lingerie is that their style is soft and cute, which can reflect the temperament of women.This is why many women like to wear Japanese sexy underwear.

Fourth paragraph: sexy beauty sexy underwear

Beauty sexy underwear has very obvious sexy elements.They usually design large -scale transparent mesh eyes and lace elements, which can fully show the beautiful and charming figure of women.This sexy sexy underwear is very suitable for those who are confident, sexy, and tasteful, playing more critical roles in sex games.

Fifth paragraph: pink girl erotic lingerie

The color of the girl’s sexy lingerie is mostly pink, and the design is mostly lace and sweet style.Girls’ sexy underwear pays more attention to comfort, and after wearing, it can reflect the soft character of women.Women who wear this sexy underwear are more about showing their tenderness and cuteness through underwear.

Paragraph 6: Sexy adult erotic lingerie

Adult sexy underwear is usually a boutique sexy underwear. The design is more sophisticated and the details are more attentive.This kind of sexy underwear often uses a functional method based on ergonomic design to achieve higher enjoyment in sex games.Adult sexy underwear is the most exposed of sexy underwear. It needs to be paired with other fun equipment such as high heels to achieve the perfect effect.

Seventh paragraph: How to choose sexy underwear

The key to choosing sexy underwear is to choose the style and style that suits you. It is not recommended to blindly pursue those extremely sexy or exposed styles. You must fully consider your body size, features, and personality characteristics.The style of wearing is to avoid discomfort to the body.

Paragraph eighth: how to maintain sexy underwear

The maintenance of sexy underwear is very important. It can not only extend its life, but also ensure comfortable wear and healthier.Under normal circumstances, the sexy underwear should be washed by hand or was washed in the "soft" mode of the washing machine. Do not use a brush or hot water to clean it, or forcibly twist it.During the drying process, do not expose it to avoid damaging the material.

Paragraph ninth: sexy underwear wearing skills

You need to be too exposed and exaggerated to wear sexy underwear, and you need to choose to choose with the overall shape to avoid being too deliberate or too fancy.Generally speaking, wearing sexy underwear should choose a relatively low -key outer clothing to achieve the effect.In addition, with high heels, the details can be better highlighted.

Paragraph 10: The Beautiful Experience of Sexy Underwear

It can be said that wearing sexy underwear is a beautiful experience, which allows people to achieve higher enjoyment in sex games.At the same time, the design of sexy underwear is becoming more and more diversified, and it is no longer limited to sexy or stimulating, adding more fashion elements, so that more people are willing to buy it.Wearing sexy underwear is a game, and this game is also a very fun thing.

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