Tender Model Little Fish Sexy underwear

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Xiaoyu’s sexy lingerie taste

The tender model small fish has a high taste and understanding of sexy underwear.Her love lingerie style and style will attract a certain degree of attention and follow.Here are the sexy underwear types and styles that Xiaoyu likes.

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy underwear is one of the favorite of small fish.Its style is diverse, which can be a variety of styles such as lace perspectives, eye masks, bellyband skirts, etc. The style can at least meet the aesthetic needs of different women.The sexy underwear of lace is revealed without revealing, which is just eye -catching, which is eye -catching, and it seems incredible.And some strange design prints also make sexy underwear more cute and interesting.

Incense underwear

Xiangyan underwear is recommended to women who need to relax. One of the main functions of this personal underwear is to quickly release your curiosity.Xiangyan underwear not only has a beautiful and moving design, but also has certain functionality, such as multi -functional free adjustment of spring and reasonable waist design, which reduces your discomfort when wearing.

Combat underwear

Battle underwear is the favorite type of small fish.This underwear directly exposed the part of the back of the chest and keeps your shape, so that women look healthier, powerful and full of sculpture.For women, a fighting underwear can really have a different effect. In addition to the design, it is also necessary to pay attention to the creativity and comfort of the model to ensure the comfort and confidence of wearing.

Retro underwear

Retro underwear is one of the underwear series recommended by small fish to a quality and elegant women.This retro-designed underwear, especially the style of the women’s underwear in the 1950-70s, but the style is unique and modern.The smooth lines of retro underwear, exquisite lace, and retro version lead women back to that new era, injecting rich emotions into women, and satisfying their pursuit of underwear and art beauty.

Interesting bodywear

Interesting bodywear is one of the popular products today.This underwear is fixed through the steel wire skeleton in different orientations, and at the same time enhances the contact area of the chest (hip), and provides a certain support, can smooth the shape, make your appearance more charming and mature charm.On the basis of improving comfort, the function of traditional body -shaping underwear is added to avoid degeneration of subcutaneous tissue due to excessive underwear.

Striped underwear

Striped underwear is also called striped bra, which refers to a underwear made of elastic materials that choose horizontal stripes or different names, with elastic materials.In the design of striped underwear design, the balance of lines and beautiful shapes is mainly considered, which not only makes women more linen, elegant and charming, but also suitable for women who pursue more casual lifestyles.

Leather underwear

Leather underwear is a very fashionable and individual underwear.This underwear combines cuteness and sexy, bringing playfulness, jokes, sweetness and other feelings to women, which makes people think of sexy and enthusiasm, and it is suitable for wearing on specific occasions.Leather underwear is made of synthetic leather on the manufacturing material. The texture is soft, and it is not easy to cause damage.

Denim underwear

Denim underwear is a small fish recommended to one of the underwear for women who like sports toys.This underwear is made of telescopic body sensitivity. It is not only a strong protective socks, but also a perfect tight -fitting device. As the action can easily show the unique charm of women.In addition to these traditional elements, in summary: color is mainly dark blue and earthy yellow, which meets the needs of women to maintain health and superb sports skills.

Lace underwear

Lace underwear is one of the most common styles of women’s underwear.This underwear uses thinner fabrics, such as lace and other sewing to create relaxation, sexy and charm.Especially in China, lace wedding dresses are deeply rooted in our culture, and it has become an indispensable souvenir that we are regarded as weddings.As an important element in the wedding series, the design of lace underwear focuses on deeply rooted in women’s minds and makes them attractive and gentle.


The sexy underwear provided by Xiaoyu is really good. Each sex underwear has unique characteristics and charm, which can meet the inner needs and aesthetic taste of different women.Every woman should find a sexy underwear suitable for their preferences, and live with peace of mind, confidence, and elegant to live a special side.

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