Thai’s sexy underwear how to say Chinese

Thai sexy underwear culture

Thailand is famous for its unique culture and growing tourism industry.Thailand is also a well -known country with sex culture, including the sales of sexy underwear.As the number of Chinese tourists accessing Thailand has continued to increase, more and more people want to know the love underwear in Thailand.

Basic vocabulary of sexy underwear

In Thai, "Influence underwear" is called "?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Among them, "???" means a suit, "???????" means underwear, and "????????????????" means women dedicated.

The names of various sex lingerie

In Thailand, there are diverse types of sexy underwear.Here are some common sexy underwear and its Thai name:

Sexy Lingerie – ????????????????

Lace underwear -???????????????

Best underwear -???????????????

Open panties- (female) ??????????????????

Interesting conjoined clothes -??????????????????

The trend of Thai sexy underwear

The sexy underwear market in Thailand is becoming more and more popular, and a variety of sexy underwear appears on stores and stalls.The most popular sexy underwear is sexy underwear and lace underwear.

The color and style of sexy underwear

Thai sexy underwear is usually black, red or pink.These colors are considered the most sexy charm.Classic styles include thongs and briefs.In Thailand, sexy underwear may also have jewelry such as tassels or lace.

Suggestions for buying Thai sexy underwear

If you want to buy sexy underwear in Thailand, you can go to the local market or store.Many hotels in Thailand also provide services to buy sexy underwear.However, before buying sexy underwear, make sure you confirm the size and check the quality.

Applicable occasions of Thai sexy underwear

Thailand’s sexy underwear is suitable for many occasions, including romantic occasions such as dating, parties and Valentine’s Day.There are also many styles in the sexy underwear market in Thailand that are suitable for formal occasions, such as wedding ceremony and dinner.

Comparison of Thai sexy underwear and Chinese sex lingerie

Compared with China, Thai sexy underwear pays more attention to sexy and freshness, and more is a way to convey the charm.Chinese sexy underwear is usually more focused on pursuing excitement and passion.Although both markets have their own advantages and styles, different cultural backgrounds and market demand have made the two markets have different development directions.

in conclusion

In short, Thailand is a colorful country, and the sexy underwear market is full of various choices.Whether you want to buy sexy underwear to travel in Thailand or learn about Thai sexy underwear culture, we hope this article will help you.Before buying sexy underwear, you can understand your size and quality confirmation to ensure that you get the best sexy underwear.

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