The details of the novel’s sexy underwear description fragment

Details description of love underwear in the novel

1. Lace lace

The fun underwear in the novel is often full of details of lace lace.Lace lace is a sexy and soft design element, adding a romantic atmosphere to the sexy underwear.The author usually describes the shape, color and texture of lace lace in detail, so that readers can feel the softness and magnificence of underwear.

2. Perspective effect

Sex underwear often uses the design of perspective effects, making the curve of women’s bodies more tempting.The perspective and sexy underwear in the novel often use thin gauze, which makes people feel a mysterious and tempting atmosphere.

3. Back design

The back -back design is also one of the common sexual underwear in novels, especially in summer or humid tropical areas.Back -back sexy underwear can make women’s back lines smoother and soft, and at the same time allow women to feel a refreshing and freedom.

4. Falling shoulder straps

Sometimes, the sexy underwear in the novel will deliberately designed into a shoulder strap hugging the upper arm of the woman, or hanging on the shoulder.Such a design can make the shoulder strap look like "falling", and at the same time, it can better highlight women’s shoulder and neck lines.

5. Deep V design

Deep V design in sexy underwear is also one of the common details.Deep V can make women’s chest more prominent and full visually.The description in the novel is often very detailed, including the depth, angle and width of the V -shaped type, which makes people feel the sexy and tempting of the underwear.

6. Hook buckle at the intersection of eye fate

The design of hook buckles often appears in sexy underwear, and these hook buckles are often located in women’s chest positions.When the two people’s eye fate meets at the hook buckle, it can create a mysterious and seductive atmosphere.

7. With the matching of stockings or boots

The fun underwear in the novel is often matched with stockings or boots.The sexy underwear that appears in this way often has a special temptation and sexy feeling.At the same time, readers can imagine the curve of women’s bodies during reading and present a beauty.

8. Embroidery or beaded edge

Sometimes the sexy underwear in the novel also uses gorgeous embroidery and pearls, making the entire underwear look more noble and elegant.Such a design can show women’s taste and elegant temperament.

9. The clever and complicated structure

The complicated structure of sexy underwear is also a common detail design in novels.The author usually describes the curve and curvature of the female body through the structure of sexy underwear, so that the reader feels the feeling of the underwear close to the female body.

10. Combination design of different materials

The sexy underwear design in the novel sometimes uses a combination of different materials, such as combining silk and leather materials.Such a design can better highlight the personality and charm of women, showing a fashion, avant -garde and sexy atmosphere.

in conclusion:

The sexy underwear in the novel is not only a kind of women’s underwear, but also a manifestation of sexy and tempting.Through the detailed and accurate description of the details of the sexy underwear, people feel the softness, delicate and gorgeous of the underwear, and portray the body curve and temperament of women.These details design and description are not only for beauty, but also to make readers feel the temptation of women.

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