The evolution of sexy underwear said Shi Fei Cabbage said

The history of tracing sex underwear

As for the evolutionary history of lingerie, we have to trace history.As early as ancient times, people began to use various creative and sexy clothing to express their love and sex.For example, the ancient Egyptians will portray the sex scene on the pottery, and the ancient Greeks also have shorts called "Exomis", wearing them can easily expose their thighs.The existence of these clothing proves the attention of human sex, and this also lays the foundation for today’s sexy underwear.

The rise of sexy underwear in the early 20th century

At the beginning of the 20th century, sexy underwear began to be born in Europe and the United States.In the 1920s, women began to wear deep V -neck pajamas in the room. At that time, the design was to improve the curve beauty of women.The sexy underwear during this period is relatively single, mainly close and perspective.

The development of sexy underwear from the 1950s to the 1970s

In the 1950s and 1970s, people’s attitudes of sex changed, and sexy underwear changed.A large number of underwear styles and types of fabrics have been developed, representing the evolution of sexy underwear in this era.Fiber adhesives and artificial fibers have become the main materials of sexy underwear, and hot American and European sex lingerie brands have begun to rise.During this period, the style of sexy lingerie is no longer just sexy. Many brands have begun to develop a series of comfortable sexy underwear for daily use.

The huge changes in sexy underwear in the 1980s to the present

With the arrival of the 1980s and 1990s, the sex lingerie industry entered a new stage.Sexy exposure has become the mainstream, and frequently appears naked breasts and unique camisole designs.The sexy underwear during this period is very subversive. The design of see -through skirts, turntable skirts, lace edges and other design.Popular design concepts are the pursuit of extreme sexy.

The types of sexy underwear are becoming richer and richer

Now, the types of erotic underwear are becoming more and more abundant.There are both high -neck clothes and perspective skirts suitable for night party wearing, as well as small black underwear and red lace bra.In addition, some sexual and invisible sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular.

Change of sexy underwear materials

The development of sexy underwear is inseparable from the innovation of materials.Today, many brands have been trying to use natural and environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, silk and bamboo fiber to provide more comfortable and healthy clothes experience.

Innovative design of sexy underwear

In addition to changes in materials, the design of sexy underwear is also constantly innovating.For example, some underwear brands will customize exclusive sizes and styles to ensure that different customers can get the best dressing experience.

The use of sexy underwear

In today’s society, sexy underwear is no longer just the equipment of the bedroom, and it has gradually become one of the clothes and daily clothing.In addition to life occasions, increasingly huge sexy underwear consumer markets have begun to accept the needs of male consumer groups.

The future development of sexy underwear market

The development prospects of the sexy underwear market are broad. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s demand for sex underwear will gradually increase.More and more brands are launching gender neutral and large underwear series, which indicates that the sexy underwear industry will become more diverse and tolerant.


In short, the sex underwear industry has experienced huge changes in the past few decades, from the earliest sexy design to today’s diversification and environmental protection styles.In the future, the development trend of the sexy underwear industry will be very positive.In this diverse era, everyone can find the sexy underwear that suits them best.

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