The production process video of sex underwear factory

1 Introduction

As a underwear suitable for special occasions, sexy underwear is more particular and unique in design and production.In this article, we will understand the production process and technology of love underwear through the production process video of a sexy underwear factory.

2. Design and model production

The most important thing for the design of sexy underwear is that considering that a small amount of materials can make the sexiest effect, the designer needs to design the most charming effect based on the body curve.After that, the fixed material combination was passed to the model technician, which transformed them into a cutting kit to make the next stage of the production process smoother.

3. Material preparation and cutting

After designing and model production, the sex underwear factory needs to prepare the correct materials and the correct tools. This process is critical, because the quality and preparation of materials are important key to ensure the quality of the final product.Subsequently, the computer or hand -cut kit is used to ensure that the materials are cut into the shape and size of the design and model.

4. Sewing and stitching

Sewing is an important step in the production of sexy underwear.Due to its design, sexy underwear is not as good as the usual underwear, so they need to use smaller stitching and more fine technologies during the production process.During the sewing process, technicians also need to deal with another difficult problem: combine different materials together to create a more eye -catching effect.

5. Try and adjust

The production of sexy underwear needs to be tried and adjusted to ensure that the underwear is adapted with the curve and proportion of the customer.

6. Flat and iron

After trying and adjusting, sexy underwear needs to be flattened and ironed to further improve its quality and appearance.

7. Complete and packaged

After all production stages, the final finished product needs to be finalized and packaged.At this time, sexy underwear has provided a perfect sexy curve while ensuring its quality and texture.

8. The impact of modern technology

In the past few decades, the advancement of technology has had a great impact on the production of sexy underwear.Through computers-auxiliary design (CAD), 3D printing and virtual reality, sexy underwear manufacturers can make products faster and more accurate, and make the product release time faster.This further confirms the seamless connection of technology as a traditional handicraft art.

9. The future outlook of the industry

The rapid development of sexy underwear production technology will be able to make the most customized and most privatized products at a very short time and extremely low cost.In the future, as human demand for beauty and the need for privacy needs more and more attention, the sexy underwear industry will further develop and become an important and opportunistic market.

10. Conclusion

The production process of sexy underwear is a complex art that requires technology, creativity and talent, which makes sexy underwear a special and high -cryptic product.However, through the application of modern technology, the changes in sexy underwear manufacturing are inevitable. They will become more customized and privatized products that meet individual needs. It is expected that the sexy underwear market will usher in rapid development.

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