There is a sexy underwear shop near the pentagram

There is a sexy underwear shop near the pentagram

1 Introduction

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular with female consumers. With that, the number of sexy lingerie shops has gradually increased.The Pentagon area is a zone dominated by young people. There are many sexy underwear shops here. This article will introduce you to several of them.

2.? L’Occitane

L’Occitane’s sexy lingerie series is soft and comfortable, so that you can feel excellent comfort when wearing.Here are different styles of sexy underwear, suitable for female consumers of different ages and figures.

3.? Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a brand specializing in high -end underwear.This shop offers various styles, types, cuts and color sexy underwear, and the quality is very good.You can find underwear suitable for your body here.


Aimer is a well -known sexy underwear brand from China.Here are different underwear, including sexy underwear, sexy underwear, bra and swimsuit.Aimer’s sexy underwear design, function and style in one, make you feel confident and beautiful when wearing.


Odimo is a shop that is specially sold in love underwear.The sexy underwear provided here is produced by well -known brands. The quality is super good, the style is novel, suitable for different occasions.You can find the sexy sexy underwear here, and you can also find a fresh and charming style.


Odelia is a sexy and comfortable sexy underwear, swimwear and leisure clothing shops.Odelia’s sexy underwear is unique, brand value and innovation are very high, which can meet the needs of female consumers of different ages.

7. Lululemon

Lululemon is a shop with sports underwear.But the sexy underwear here is also very special.Lululemon’s sexy underwear design is very fitted with sports and comfort, and has a variety of different styles and colors for you to choose from.

8.funky Fish

Funky Fish is a family -style sexy underwear store.There are various underwear here, bright colors, printed and colorful patterns, suitable for young women to wear.The price of sexy underwear here is also very affordable, which can meet your shopping needs.


H & M is a shop that provides various underwear, including sexy underwear.The sexy underwear style here is not particularly sexy, but the style, price and comfort are very good, suitable for female consumers who want to experience sexy underwear.


ZARA is a store that provides sexy underwear. There are many sexy lingerie styles here.Among them are sexy, fresh, literary and casual, to meet different consumer needs.The price of sexy underwear here is also good.

in conclusion

This article lists ten sex underwear shops in the Pentagon area.Whether you want to buy sexy or charming sexy underwear or enjoy comfortable and soft feelings, these shops can provide you with the need for you need.

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