There is no response in men wearing a sexy underwear

Why did a man respond?

Wearing sexy underwear hopes to bring more fun and experience to yourself and the other half, but the result is not satisfactory, and men do not respond too much.Let’s discuss the possible reasons.

Underwear size is inappropriate

The comfort of sex underwear is very important, especially for men, underwear that feel bad can make them feel uncomfortable and affect sexual relationships.If the size of the underwear is inappropriate, it will make men feel craving and unable to truly enjoy the pleasure brought by sex.

Not suitable for personal preferences

There are many styles of sexy underwear, and different people have different preferences.If he puts a man he does not like, he may feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable, so he is no longer interested in sex.Therefore, it is best to consider the personal preference of men when choosing a sexy underwear and choose the style that suits him.

Too deliberate and exaggerated shapes

The design of some sexy underwear is very exaggerated. Without the balance of grasp, it is easy to destroy the effect of interest.Especially for some cats and women’s clothing, bathrobe -style dressing, etc., if it causes an exaggerated impression to men, it will make him feel unnatural.Therefore, underwear with the best fun -fitting effect usually does not have to be too deliberate, delicate and can be attached to the body naturally.

Improper use

Putting sex underwear on the body is not a task that has done great achievements. If it cannot be used or worn correctly, it will affect the effect of use.Therefore, before wearing sexy underwear, it is best to understand the materials, wearing methods, etc. of the underwear, which can make the effect more perfect.

Lack of foreplay

Although sexy underwear is already very attractive, it is difficult to make men truly interested without sufficient foreplay.Therefore, women can try some sexual atmosphere to make men find stimulation and invest in sexual work.

Interests of sexy underwear

If the sexy underwear is unhygienic, men may not be interested in contact.From a hygiene perspective, women with incomplete conditions such as women and women are also very bad. Not only can they not achieve the best effect, they may also have a certain degree of impact on men’s health.

Low -quality underwear

The quality of sexy underwear is very important. Low -quality underwear is not only easy to damage, but also causes problems such as allergies.If you are uncomfortable, you may feel uneasy and affect the emotional experience of men.Therefore, when buying underwear, choose carefully and select qualified underwear.

Not suitable for the occasion wearing

In different situations, the underwear suitable for wearing is different.If you don’t wear sexy underwear properly, men may feel uncomfortable.It is best to choose the right underwear based on specific occasions, which will produce better results.

Frequently wear the same underwear

Women may like to wear the same sexy underwear, but this is not advisable.Frequent wearing the same underwear may cause men to have aesthetic fatigue and lose interest in sex.Therefore, you should try to wear different erotic underwear to achieve better results.

Add more communication

The best way to make men respond more to sexy underwear is more to communicate more.Women can ask men if they like certain underwear and whether they will supplement or change their underwear.In this way, men’s sexual interests can be improved and a better sexual experience.


Wearing a sexy underwear itself is not a simple matter, it may not be able to get the desired results for various reasons.If you want to get better use results, it is recommended to start from the possible reasons above and understand carefully to achieve a better experience.

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