Three -point open -chest sexy underwear

Three -point open -chest sexy underwear

What is a three -point open -chest sexy underwear?

Three -point open -chest sexy underwear is a very sexy, exposed sexy underwear. Its design mainly opens three small holes in the chest area or is connected to durable substances such as ribbon and chain.It looks more sexy and more attractive.


This sexy underwear is suitable for women who want to try boldly on the sexy index, which is an extreme temptation.In addition, women who have strong self -confidence and self -confidence for their own figure, chest shape, skin, etc. can also try this sexy underwear.

The sexy effect after wearing

The biggest feature of three -point open -chest sexy underwear is that it can show a part of the chest, making women look more sexy and charming.At the same time, according to personal choices, wearing this sexy underwear can also expose yourself to complete nipples or partial areolas to further enhance the sexy effect.

Material selection

Because the design of open -chest sexy underwear needs to consider the problem of chest exposure, the choice of material is also particularly important.Generally speaking, fabrics such as transparent lace, tulle, and transparent mesh can reduce the weight and thickness of the underwear to a certain extent, and it is more comfortable and natural to wear.

Selection of color

Three -point open -chest sexy underwear is suitable for choosing bold colors such as black, red, and blue. Its color can also express women’s self -confidence, independent and sexy personality characteristics.Especially red, through strong color expression, it can greatly enhance the sexy effect.

How to wear correctly

The correct way to wear is very important, otherwise it will not achieve the expected results.First of all, choose the appropriate size to avoid the excessive influence of the underwear. Secondly, pay attention to the position of the three small holes or materials on the chest, and you need to adjust it to the best state to make it neither tight nor loose.The best display effect.

With suggestions

Three -point open -chest sexy underwear is suitable for low -cut tops, off -shoulder clothes, etc., to create a sexy and charming effect.For office workers, you can choose a relatively literary shirt or suspender, which coexists rationally and sexy.


Because the three -point open -chest sexy underwear is exposed, you need to pay attention to the choice of the occasion. It is not advisable to wear it on formal and solemn occasions to avoid adverse effects.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the style suitable for your body to avoid the actual dressing effect inconsistent with expectations.


Three -point open -chest sexy underwear needs to be a more mild washing method. It is recommended to choose hand washing method to avoid rubbing hard to prevent the fabric from being torn or deformation of the milk peak.

How to choose a style

The style and design of the three -point open -chest sexy underwear are diverse, and you can choose according to your preferences, figure and chest shape.It should be noted that the style should be consistent with your body and skin as much as possible, and do not blindly pursue the trend.


Three -point open -chest sexy underwear is a very sexy and exposed sexy underwear that allows women to show the most charming side.However, you need to pay attention to some details in dressing and choice, and you should not be too casual.I hope that the introduction of this article can provide some help for women to buy and wear, so that more women exude sexy charm.

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