Tmall sex underwear model name

Tmall sex underwear model name


Whether you are a frequent visitor to buy sexy underwear or a newcomer who entered this field, you will know that the sales of sexy underwear are inseparable from the interpretation of models.In Tmall’s sexy underwear shop, there are also a number of high -profile models.Below, let’s take a look at the names of these Tmall erotic lingerie models.

1. Wang Lei

Wang Lei, once worked at a more famous youth cultural station petal network.Later, I joined Tmall’s sexy underwear shop and became one of the models that have attracted much attention here.Not only is she good -looking, her body is Peugeot, but her interpretation of sexy underwear is also memorable.

2. Zhang Lin

Zhang Lin is a loyal supporter of Tmall’s sexy underwear shop and has contributed a lot to the company’s brand promotion.Her appearance can be described as a "sweet girl". At the same time, she is an excellent model and is very affectionate.The sexy underwear she performed was loved by consumers.

3. Li Na

As the "veteran" in Tmall’s sexy underwear shop, Li Na has participated in countless underwear exhibitions and fashion shows.Because of her rich experience, she has won the recognition and trust of everyone in interpretation.Li Na’s wonderful figure also made her the best in the fashion circle.

4. Jiang Lin

Jiang Lin, born in Henan, is a girl from ordinary families.Because of its exquisite appearance, it was later referred to the Tmall sex underwear shop by the talent intermediary company.She is also at ease in display underwear and is popular with customers.

5. Cheng Yuan

Cheng Yuan is an authentic "northern girl" in Tmall’s sexy underwear shop.Not only is she sweet, she also has an elegant figure, but also has full self -confidence.The sexy underwear she performed was also very outstanding, winning everyone’s favor.

6. Yang Ran

Yang Ran is a model born in 1986. He has received more opportunities for TV series and advertising shooting. Many people are impressed by her.Her interpretation style is clear and sensible, which can bring visual enjoyment and feelings to the audience.The sexy underwear she performed is also one of the popular styles of sales.

7. Chen Xiaoling

Chen Xiaoling is not only a charming model, but also a teacher of a ordinary elementary school in Suzhou.But her ordinary occupation did not cover her enthusiasm, nor did she block the shining star in Tmall’s sexy underwear shop.Her simple and fresh performance style made her a role model in many people’s minds.

8. Li Xue

Li Xue is a model of Shenzhen. He interpreted a large number of popular sales in Tmall’s sexy underwear shop.When she showed sexy underwear, she expressed strong sexy beauty and femininity, attracting the attention of many buyers.Her show style is full of confidence and resoluteness.

9. Zhang Xiaomin

Zhang Xiaomin is from Hangzhou, with a fresh and natural atmosphere.Her interpretation style is bold and energetic, outstanding, and far from affecting the audience.Her outstanding performance not only brought a strong impact on the stands, but also gave the audience’s strength and inspiration.

10. Zhu Kunpeng

Zhu Kunpeng is one of the few male models in Tmall’s sexy underwear shop.Although his appearance seemed to be weak, he had a keen observation ability and tenacious cohesion.At the same time, he also had a unique insight into the style and style of sexy underwear, which also added a lot to his performance.

in conclusion

The above is the highly anticipated models in Tmall’s sexy underwear shop.They have excellent performance and far -reaching influence.After many years of polishing and refining, they have performed a piece of sexy, beautiful, and eye -catching sexy underwear for consumers, making the sexy underwear market more prosperous.

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