Training star Huang Wen Interesting Underwear Beauty

New film release

As a senior sexy underwear teacher, my recent project is a sexy underwear beauty photo taken by the star Huang Wen (pseudonym).This is a type of clothing designed for sexy women, pursuing high -quality materials, clever design and excellent handicrafts.

Select sexy model

Before starting tuning, I must first choose the sexy style that is most suitable for Huang Wen.Generally speaking, sexy underwear can be divided into several types: lace, hollow, perspective, strap, suspender and suit.After communicating with Huang Wen, I recommend two styles: perspective and hollow models.

The size must be accurate

Size is an important factor in successful training.Inappropriate sizes will affect the entire shooting process, and it will also affect Huang Wen’s image and sensation.Therefore, I must understand Huang Wen’s figure data and choose the appropriate size for her.

With shoes and socks

With shoes and socks is one of the important parts of sexy underwear training.In this process, I will discuss which shoes and socks choose to choose the whole shape more perfectly.I usually recommend choosing some high heels and stockings, so as to better show Huang Wen’s sexy figure.


During the shooting, the placement of posture is very important.Because Huang Wen’s figure is perfect, I will choose some posture to show the shape of the figure, but at the same time, it is necessary to avoid excessive exaggeration to avoid affecting the temperament and image.

Light effect

The lighting effect is one of the most critical links to shoot sexy underwear.This will greatly affect the quality and effect of the photo.In the process of cooperating with photographers, I recommend using soft natural lights and appropriate background lights to create a soft and textured effect.

Adjust the shooting time

Weather, time, and seasons will affect the effect of shooting.After negotiating with the photographer, I will recommend shooting in the afternoon or evening, so that you can use the sunset or darkness to create some mysterious and sexy effects.

Post -processing

After the shooting is completed, the later treatment is also very critical.During the processing process, I will delete some useless elements and inappropriate photos in the shooting, and process the useful pictures into high -quality effects.At the same time, I will also increase proper color adjustment and beauty effects.


Sexy underwear training is not only to take beautiful photos, but also about how to understand and show the self -confidence and beauty of a woman.By paying attention to details, accurate size, clever matching and posture, we can help Huang Wen better show her sexy figure and charm.

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