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Definition of ultra -thin sex underwear

Ultra -thin sex underwear refers to a kind of sexy underwear with extremely thin materials, which effectively reduces the weight of underwear and allows women to exercise more comfortably and freely.This sexy underwear is often used in private occasions, giving a sexy and charming feeling.

Lace material sexy underwear

Lace is a very common fabric used in ultra -thin sex underwear.Lace itself is a very transparent and light fabric, which is equivalent to "embellishment" on underwear.Women put on this sexy underwear, not only comfortable and free, but also sexy and charming.

Silk material sexy underwear

Silk texture is a very soft texture and a very good feel.The silk has a very high sense of vertical and elasticity. Putting on the silk sexy underwear can make women more sexy and charming, showing a different temperament.

Ultra -thin T gauze pants

T -shaped gauze is a special existence of ultra -thin sex underwear.Because it belongs to the lower body and underwear category, and the entire pants are used in ultra -thin fabrics, they are classified into ultra -thin sexy underwear.

Lace hollow ultra -thin underwear

This ultra -thin sexy underwear is made of lace fabric, and the trimming of the hollow process is used inside, so that the product not only has excellent breathability, but also makes women’s waist more slender.

Sexy abdomen underwear

The abdominal underwear refers to a sexy underwear that can effectively compress the lower abdomen and enhance the hip lines after wearing it.Many ultra -thin sexy underwear have this sexy abdomen design, which can achieve the effect of making women more perfect.

Lace see -through underwear

This sexy underwear is made of red lace fabric, which looks very sexy and charming.Especially in the design of red lace pants and black shell cup bra, it feels very good.

Vest -thin sexy underwear

The vest sexy underwear refers to the most basic corset style. Because it is a ultra -thin fabric, it makes it very light and does not compress the full breasts, making people feel very sexy.

Warong -free underwear style

No trace underwear refers to the combination of seamless technology with ultra -thin materials to create a feeling of without any traces, avoid any discomfort as much as possible, and create a more perfect form for women’s body shape.

Comfortable thin underwear

As a kind of sexy clothing, ultra -thin sex underwear must have a very good and comfortable quality quality.Ultra -thin underwear is very diverse. Many brands will integrate linen and comfortable dressing cotton materials into the design, so that the underwear is not only light and soft, but also follows the curve of the body.


Ultra -thin sexy underwear is a sexy equipment that makes women more well -proportioned and elegant.While wearing it, you can also reveal your sexy and intellectual beauty, so that the whole person exudes strange charm.Ultra -thin sex underwear can make women’s figure more perfect, showing women’s unique and unforgettable sexy sexy.

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