Use this sexy underwear to girlfriend


Interest underwear is a special underwear that can stimulate erotic and increase sex.You can use sexy underwear to enhance your self -confidence and attractiveness, and you can also bring novel and surprise to your partner.In this article, we will introduce a sexy underwear suitable for girlfriends to help you create a romantic and full -scale night.

Step 1: Select styles

It is especially important to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your girlfriend style.You can choose from some famous brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, La Perla, and so on.These brands have rich choices. From sexy lace to hot leather, there are a variety of styles for you to choose from.

Step 2: Understand the size

It is very important to understand your girlfriend’s size. You can obtain information by secretly looking at her existing underwear or asking her size.If you are too embarrassing, you can try to buy and adjust sexy underwear, which can be suitable for a variety of size and figure.

Step 3: Select color

Choosing color is also a factor that cannot be ignored. Color can make your girlfriend more charming and sexy.Red is a good choice that can increase eroticism and sexy, and matches most skin tones.Of course, there are other color options, such as black, pink and purple.

Step 4: Consider materials

The material of sexy underwear should be soft and comfortable, which can make your girlfriend feel comfortable.Silk, cotton, and lace are currently the most popular materials.

Step 5: Be careful

Before giving your girlfriend, you must be fully prepared. You can make some romantic items such as the room and the environment, the preparation of music, lighting, aroma, petals, etc., and leave a deep impression on your girlfriend.

Step 6: Gift method

You must also consider the way of sending fun underwear. You can choose to send it in festivals or birthday gifts. You can also use the sexy underwear as a mysterious gift to increase the sense of mystery and freshness.

Step 7: Dressing skills

When your girlfriend puts on sexy underwear, you can gently unbutton her shirt, tell her that you appreciate her beauty, and match with gentle language to increase the atmosphere of interest.

Step 8: Pay attention to details

Pay attention to every detail, and do well from barefoot, dressing to taking pictures, so that his girlfriend feels special and valued.

Step 9: Enjoy the night of burning love

After your girlfriend puts on sexy underwear, you can enjoy a small night of burning love.Make the other party feel loved and noticed, and deepen the relationship between emotion.

Step 10: Summary

Sending sex underwear needs to be meticulous, but this move can increase emotional and stimulate a comfortable feeling.In this way, it is a special enjoyment to express love for women who love.

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