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Why do sex underwear women need massage?

For women wearing sexy underwear, massage is a way to relax, enjoy and relax.Due to the design and special nature of sexy underwear, women need more physical stimulation to experience sex and sexual pleasure.

Benefits of massage

Massage can increase women’s sexual desire and sexual sensitivity, so that they can enjoy the pleasure of sex.In addition, massage can reduce stress, relax muscles, promote blood circulation, and improve sleep, and keep women healthy and beautiful.

Choose a massage tool

It is crucial to choose the right massage tool.For example, sexy lingerie women can use massage sticks, massage oils or massagers to stimulate their bodies, but you should pay attention to choose products that are suitable for your own and sexy lingerie.


Correct massage skills allow women to better enjoy the pleasure of massage.For example, you can first apply the body’s body to massage oil, then massage or knead the muscles gently, and avoid excessive force to avoid physical damage.

Massage position

The choice of massage position is also very important.Women in sexy underwear can focus on multiple parts of their backs, shoulders, waists, hips and inner thighs.These parts are parts with high physical sensitivity of sexy underwear, which allows them to better experience the feeling of massage.

Massage frequency

The frequency of massage depends on its own situation.Some sexy underwear women may need to massage every day, while others may only need once a week.Determine the frequency and intensity of massage according to your needs and physical reactions.

Appropriate environment

It is also important to choose the appropriate environment when massage.Sexy underwear women can choose a quiet, warm and comfortable room for massage, and put some soft music or smoked incense to help the body relax and feel happy.

Pay attention to health care

When massaging women, they need to pay attention to physical care to avoid excessive massage during menstruation or during pregnancy.In addition, you should also pay attention to keeping your body hygiene and cleaning to avoid infection.

Massage time

Many women like to massage before going to bed at night, because this can effectively release stress to help them relax and enter their sleep.However, sexy underwear women can also massage according to her needs at any time without having to stick to time limit.


Massage is a good way to help sexy underwear to increase sexual sensitivity, improve sexual pleasure, relax the body, and reduce stress.However, women need to pay attention to their physical needs and health care when massage, and avoid unnecessary impact on the body.

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