Washed the sexy lingerie

Why do I need to wash myself

Many people think that only clothes wearing outside need to be washed, and sexy underwear does not need to be washed frequently because it is not worn often for special occasions.But in fact, sexy underwear also needs to be washed frequently.

Conventional washing method

The erotic underwear and ordinary underwear are similar. Gently rub it with water, do not pull it hard to avoid destroying fabrics and causing damage.

Use special detergent

For sexy underwear, it is recommended to use detergent specifically for sexy underwear.This detergent has low phosphate that can protect underwear fabrics, prevent fading and deformation.

Hand washing is better

The fabric of the erotic underwear is more delicate. If you choose to put it in the washing machine to wash it, it is easy to damage the fabric. It is best to choose hand washing to better protect the sexy underwear and extend its life.

Avoid soaking

Do not soak it in water when washing your sex underwear, because soaking in water for a long time will destroy the material of the fabric, causing underwear to shrink and deform.

Pay attention to temperature

During the cleaning process, the water temperature should not be too high, so as not to shrink the color of underwear. It is recommended that the water temperature is controlled below 30 ° C.

Avoid using bleaching water

Bleachy water can play a role in sterilizing to a certain extent, but it will also destroy the material of the underwear fabric. Therefore, it is not recommended to use bleach to clean the sexy underwear.

Don’t take the sun under the sun

When drying, be careful not to expose the underwear under the sun. It is recommended to dry it naturally in a good ventilated place to avoid excessive exposure, causing the fabric to fade and deform.

Producer’s suggestion

Different brands of erotic underwear, due to the different aspects of fabrics and processing technology, the matters that need attention when washing are also different. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully read the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer when used, and the washing according to the instructions.


Although sexy underwear is not wearing clothes everyday, it needs to be cleaned in time after use, maintaining hygiene, and extending the service life.When washing, you need to pay attention to temperature, time, and material. You can choose to wash or use a special detergent for cleaning to ensure the quality and hygiene of sexy underwear.

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