Wear only sexy underwear at home


As a unique women’s underwear fashion, sexy underwear is popular with modern women. More and more women choose to wear sexy underwear at home, on the one hand for their sexy and charm, on the other hand, to increase family lifeFun and fun.So, how to wear sexy underwear at home to be more decent?

Choose the right sexy underwear type

When choosing a sexy underwear, choose the appropriate type according to your body and body shape. For example, some women’s upper body is fat, you can choose a corset to create a good figure curve. Some women are full of lower body.Underwear waits to achieve the effect of modifying the figure.

Keep clean and hygiene

Wearing erotic underwear should be kept clean and hygienic, often replace underwear and washing, and pay attention to avoid stains and bacterial breeding. This is very important for women’s health.At the same time, there will be special materials and decorations on some sexy underwear. You should choose the appropriate method for cleaning to protect the quality and life of the underwear.

With suitable clothing

When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to match the appropriate clothing, such as selecting sexy pajamas, short robes, stockings, etc. to increase charm.To coordinate sexy underwear and clothing, choose the matching method that suits you according to your personal taste and style.

Pay attention to the family feelings

When wearing sexy underwear at home, pay attention to the feelings of your family, especially members of a male family, do not let them feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. You can choose the appropriate time and place according to the family atmosphere and cultural background. For example, you can turn off the lights at night to turn off the lights at nightWearing sexy underwear and spouses in close expression.

Keep confidence and elegance

Wearing erotic underwear must first maintain self -confidence and elegance, so as to better show the charm of underwear and their own charm.Don’t pay too much attention to the appearance, but ignore the inner beauty. As long as you keep your own confidence and beauty, you can wear a sexy lingerie to emit a charming glory.

Choose the right occasion

Pay attention to the choice of occasions when wearing sexy underwear. For example, some formal occasions are not suitable for wearing sexy underwear. Not only will it not disrespect to others, but it will also lose the charm of sexy underwear.You can be worn on private occasions such as home, residential areas, and bedrooms.

Cooperate with atmosphere and emotions

When wearing sexy underwear, you can cooperate with the atmosphere and emotions to increase intimacy and desire.For example, wearing sexy underwear on the bed, while burning passion, it is warmer and sweet, increasing emotional communication and interaction.

Pay attention to personal taste and style

The personal taste and style of each woman are unique. Do not blindly pursue popularity or imitate others when wearing sexy underwear. Instead, choose the style and matching method that suits you according to your preferences and characteristics.


Wearing only sex underwear at home, you need to pay attention to the choice of underwear, cleaning and hygiene, the matching of clothing, family feelings, personal self -confidence and elegance, atmosphere and emotion, personal taste and style, etc.Only by grasping, you can wear a charming effect to wear sexy underwear and make family life more interesting and fun.

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