Wear sex underwear and walk into the switch

Wear sex underwear and walk into the switch

Fun underwear is a sexy clothing full of mystery and temptation. More and more women are trying to try to wear them to regulate their emotions and enhance self -confidence.However, when wearing fun underwear, they often occasionally encounter their own switches and other items to make themselves embarrassed.how to solve this problem?In this article, we will provide some solutions.

Choice style

First of all, you must choose a distinctive sexy underwear. The texture should be soft and comfortable, and the fabric should be soft and skin -friendly.In addition, it is also very important to choose a size suitable for you, because if you wear too large or too small sexy underwear, it will be easier to touch items such as switches.

Pay attention to the way of wear

Secondly, we must pay attention to details when wearing sexy underwear.For example, adjust the shoulder strap to your most suitable width; gather the flesh of the waist and thigh parts on the hollow part to effectively avoid touching the corner or switch.The correct way to wear can make you feel comfortable and allow you to move naturally when walking.

Choose a style with smaller entanglement

The design style of some sexy underwear is quite entangled, which not only can easily cover its own figure, but also easily wrapped into switches, railings, fences and other items, causing embarrassment.When buying a sexy underwear, pay attention to avoid choosing a style with high entanglement.

Follow the footsteps of the boyfriend/friends

If you encounter switches and other items when wearing sex underwear at home, it is best to follow the footsteps of your boyfriend or friends. People who walk in front will encounter obstacles such as switches.And posture.

Practice walking

Women who learn to walk on high heels, especially women who can control their balance and beauty, can also easily overcome these obstacles when wearing sexy underwear.Therefore, before wearing a sexy underwear, it is best to practice walking and improve the skills of walking.

Pay attention to your body posture

Poor physical attitude will not only cause physical discomfort, but also easy to touch items such as switches.When wearing a sexy underwear, you may wish to practice the correct posture in front of the mirror, such as reducing your shoulders and tight chest abdomen. This can not only adjust the shape of the body, but also allow you to avoid these obstacles before encountering the switch.

Looking ahead while walking

Falling or hitting the corner when wearing a sexy underwear will not only hurt yourself, but also destroy your beautiful image.Therefore, when wearing fun underwear, pay attention to look ahead and avoid looking at your knees or feet.

Wear more sexual pantyhose

After wearing a sexy underwear, it is best to put on a pair of sexy sexual pantyhose, which can effectively improve your sexuality and effectively prevent items such as switches when walking.The fabric of the sexual pantyhose should be soft and comfortable, and it will not slip off, which plays a vital role in wearing erotic underwear.

in conclusion

When wearing a sexy underwear to walk, it is a problem that many women will encounter.By choosing styles, paying attention to dressing methods, choosing a small style of entanglement, practicing walking, paying attention to the body’s posture, looking at the front, wearing more erotic pantyhose, etc., it can effectively reduce these unnecessary embarrassing situations.Therefore, when wearing underwear, pay attention to details, increase your self -confidence, and allow this beautiful clothing to bring more benefits to yourself.

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