Wearing a sexy underwear by a strange man

The tragedy of wearing a sex lingerie

Wearing a sexy underwear can bring a certain confidence and sexy to women, but sometimes the wrong way or occasion choice may bring embarrassment and trouble.A woman once shared her experience of wearing a sexy underwear in public in public through social media.

Cognitive misunderstanding of sexy underwear

Many women think that sexy underwear exists just to increase interest in bed, so she doesn’t care too much about their own way of dressing.But in fact, sexy underwear is also a kind of clothing, so you need to pay attention to many details.For example, select suitable styles, sizes and colors according to the occasion.

The importance of selection

If wearing sexy underwear appears on the right occasion, it will increase the charm of confidence and charming.But if you choose improperly, it may cause unnecessary embarrassment and trouble.For example, if wearing sexy underwear to attend formal occasions, people will feel disrespectful, so you need to consider more on the occasion of wearing.

Correct way of wear

The correct way to wear can not only ensure the effect of sexy underwear, but also reduce the emergence of embarrassment.For example, choose the appropriate size according to your body, not the pursuit of too tight effects; at the same time, you should also pay attention to the matching of underwear and coats to avoid exposure or wear too obvious problems.

Fashion and sexy balance

Interest underwear is not only a sexy and sexy toy, but also a fashion and beauty interpretation.Keep in mind that make yourself sexy, but don’t emphasize too much to show your body, especially in public, it is easy to attract the attention and ridicule of others.

Respect your body

Don’t ignore your respect and protection of your body because of wearing sexy underwear.Wearing too tight or impermeable erotic underwear will not only damage your health, but also reduce confidence and comfort.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose a brand and product with comfortable fabrics and guaranteed quality.

The issue of values and cognition

Many people look at sexy underwear with prejudice or wrong understanding, thinking that it is useless or harmful.But in fact, sexual culture has become part of modern people’s pursuit of freedom, respect and happiness.For sexy underwear, we should use open eyes and adequate rationality to treat and accept, rather than applying and restricting traditional or conservative values.

The importance of gender equality and self -identity

Wearing erotic underwear is not to meet the vision and needs of men, but to show women’s confidence, beauty and charm.Gender equality and self -identity are the goals pursued by modern women, and any behavior and concepts that are contrary to this are unacceptable.


The tragedy of wearing sexy underwear is not necessarily because of the problem of sexy underwear itself, but because of the cognitive misunderstanding and conflict of values.Correct cognition and attitude are the key to wearing sexy underwear.We must respect our body, understand our needs, choose suitable occasions and styles, and maintain an openness, frank and rational attitude.

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