Wedding erotic underwear bride


In a woman’s life, weddings are one of the most important days in her life.Many women look forward to wearing a beautiful wedding dress and beautiful makeup that day, and make her beautiful.To complete this dream, you need to buy the right wedding and sexy underwear.

Choose a suitable style

When choosing a wedding lingerie, the first thing to consider is the style of the wedding dress.If the wedding dress is low -cut, it is recommended to choose a V -shaped underwear cup, so that the wedding dress can show the beautiful neckline.If the wedding dress is designed with a deep V neck, you need to choose the suitable underwear style.

Color scheme

The color of sexy underwear should be the same as the wedding dress.If the wedding dress is white, you should choose white underwear, which will not affect the beauty of the wedding dress, and choosing underwear such as black, red and other colors will destroy the overall coordination.


The most important detail of wedding sexy underwear is hook buckle. You should avoid choosing a style of useful steel rings, otherwise it will affect the type of wedding dress.You also need to pay attention to whether the underwear is too tight, otherwise it is easy to appear, so that you are not easy to relax yourself at the wedding, leaving flaws.

Fabric texture

In the case of conditions permit, select the fabric texture, soft and comfortable, and skin -friendly underwear material.Wedding is a long ritual. If the underwear is uncomfortable, it will cause you the restraint and pain in the body.

Body type

Choose the right style according to your own body type, choose your own comfortable underwear, and avoid choosing too tight underwear, which will cause physical discomfort and the destruction of the gas field.


The transparency of underwear is a delicate problem.If the transparency of underwear is high, it will become more sexy, but this is not what every bride wants.Therefore, you should consider the transparency of the underwear carefully to avoid unexpected flashing moments.


It is also very important to choose suitable underwear.If you wear a very thin wedding dress, then you have to choose smooth underwear to ensure that there are no conspicuous underwear lines.If you wear a very thick wedding dress, you can choose comfortable and diverse underwear.

product brand

When choosing a wedding sexy underwear, you need to choose an excellent brand. Different brands of underwear facial materials and functions are different. When ensuring comfort, choose some brands with soft facial texture to ensure that the bride’s experience is excellent.Essence

Maintenance after marriage

After making a choice, maintenance quality is also very important.After the wedding, look at the protection of underwear. Do not put it in the sun and expose it; pay attention to the friction between the underwear and other items to avoid damaging the texture of the underwear.

in conclusion

It is extremely important to choose a wedding dress that suits you.It will make you feel comfortable and comfortable at the wedding and enhance your confidence.It is necessary to consider a series of factors such as styles, colors, details, fabrics, and body types to choose the most suitable underwear.Finally, I wish all the brides can choose the perfect wedding sexy underwear to welcome the gift of happy weddings.

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