What are the AVs that are forced to wear sex underwear

1. Forced to wear sexy underwear

"Forced to wear sex underwear" is a very controversial topic, because in some cases, actresses are indeed forced to wear fun underwear.

2. The big screen must be on the big screen

On the big screen, some movies need actresses to play a specific role, and these characters usually need to be dressed in sexy underwear.The most famous example is "Color, Ring", and the heroine Tang Wei has many plays in the movie and wearing sexy underwear.

3. The pressure of an actress

Although sexy underwear can improve the image and charm of an actress to a certain extent, it will also cause the actress pressure.For example, in the movie "Fire Blue Blade", Cecilia Cheung has attracted much attention and pressure because she needs to play in sexy underwear.

4. Dressing requirements in TV series

Many TV series also require actresses to show up in sexy lingerie, such as "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji", "Dream of Red Mansions" and so on.This also caused actresses to experience a lot of psychological pressure during the shooting process.

5. Advertising requirements

The advertising industry is no exception. Many advertisements require female models or actresses to wear sexy underwear to attract attention.For example, Victoria’s Secret’s annual fashion show is a very good example.

6. Game and cosplay

Games and cosplay also require female players and Coser to play sexy underwear to play characters, because some women’s characters in games are very common in sexy underwear.

7. Adult products store

Of course, salesperson and models in adult products also need to be dressed in sexy underwear to attract customers. This is the industry requirements.

8. Summary

Although the topic of being forced to wear fun underwear is very controversial and sensitive, it has become a common phenomenon in the fields of movies, TV series, advertising, games, cosplay, and adult products stores.Many actresses, female models, female players, Coserrer and even salesperson may encounter the requirements of sexy underwear, which is also the industry’s regulations and standards.

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