What are the brand fun underwear?

What are the brand fun underwear?

Interesting underwear, as one of the auxiliary tools of modern sex, has attracted more and more attention.And even the physical and sexy underwear is one of them. The underwear not only has the function of other sexy underwear, but also gives women a beautiful figure, which makes people pour.Today, let’s talk about what the brand is even more physical underwear.

Victoria’s Secret

The first recommendation is the conjoined erotic underwear of Victoria’s Secret.This brand has a very high reputation in the market, and its sexy underwear series is even more fine.In addition to being comfortable and comfortable, these underwear often adopts a more bold and beautiful design, and is mostly embellished with bright colors.In terms of details, it is well done, and elements such as embroidery and lace are decent and beautiful.

La Perla

This is a brand from Italy and a brand focusing on women’s underwear products.In the field of sexy underwear, its product level has always been recognized by the industry.It not only creates high -quality products through materials and design, but also has more effort to adjust the version, comfort, and various details, so that consumers can feel the real thing while wearing a physical and fun underwear while feeling the real fun underwear.Sexy and comfortable.


AUBADE is a French underwear brand, with a fashionable brand image, which is very different from many domestic brands.The biggest highlight of the body’s sexy underwear products is the choice of material. Under the premise of ensuring comfort, a more elastic material is selected to make the product not only close the body and does not affect the activity.In addition, the design of its products is often based on the color of wine red, black, purple, gray, etc., making women more temperament when wearing.

Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette can be said to be the leader in Australian sexy brands.It has bold and avant -garde underwear products, and is very detailed. It often adds beads, sequins, lace and other elements to the details to make the whole underwear more conscience.In addition, it is unusual in terms of color. The dyeing is evenly distributed and the color is bright. It is very suitable for sexy temptation.

Agent Provocateur

The British brand Agent Provocateur is a well -known enterprise integrating design, production and sales. Its products are sexy and famous. Among them, even physical underwear is particularly attractive.Its design concepts often focus on women’s sexy, romantic, mysterious and other elements, making people feel an inexplicable atmosphere and emotion.In terms of product styles, there are both sweet niche styles and bold and public Western styles to meet the needs of different people.

Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel is a French underwear brand. The product quality and design are very good, and the design of the sexy underwear fully shows the sexy beauty of women.Its underwear not only has the comfort of the pendant, but also allows women to show a better figure and charm.In addition, the brand’s underwear often contain abstract art elements, which makes people feel visual enjoyment and cultural atmosphere.


This is a brand from Britain. The brand respects the combination of modernity and tradition. It is also one of our popular recommendations today.There are many styles of the Bluebella brand with a variety of style of lingerie. From the basic styles such as black, lace, suspender to novel and creative styles such as bright colors, zipper opening, and back shoulder strapsSexual and sexy design.

Lovehoney lingerie

As a brand from the UK, Lovehoney Lingerie has quickly grown into a well -known brand in the field of sexy underwear.Its sexy underwear products are characterized by luxurious sense and excellent quality. The design is bold and avant -garde. The color is bright and the accessories are rich, covering women in various states.


There are many types of sexy underwear in the brand, and the design elements and quality characteristics of each brand are different.When you buy even physical underwear, it is recommended to choose the recognized brands priority. From material to details, it is different from other products, and it will be more comfortable and natural to wear.At the same time, it is also necessary to choose according to personal preferences in terms of color, style, and sexy. After all, for everyone, different brands and styles are often very attractive.

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