What brand underwear shop has fun underwear

What brand underwear shop has fun underwear

1. S three -dimensional cup underwear brands: Victoria’s Secret

As the international top underwear brand, Victoria’s secret has long been well known.In addition to selling daily underwear, Victoria’s secrets also operate a rich sexy underwear product line, including stockings, lace pajamas, sexy dresses, bellybands and other types.In brand underwear shops and online malls, you can easily find all kinds of sexy underwear, so that you can feel comfortable and comfortable at the same time.

2. High cost performance brand: Belle Bao

Belle Bao is a brand derived from Thailand and is mainly cost -effective.Its sex lingerie series includes nighttime, three -point, gymnastic pants, tights, sexy skirts and other styles.Various styles, moderate prices, and are favored by consumers.In addition to offline direct stores, Belle Bao has also established its own stores on platforms such as JD.com and Taobao, which is convenient for consumers to buy online.

3. Special service brand: Beste

Bedt brand underwear stores maintain a very high level in design, manufacturing and sales of sexy underwear, and also more distinctive content: DIY personalized services.Consumers can DIY in the store into products such as couple underwear, birthday gifts, personalized customization and other products, and feel their own romance and interest.

4. Retro trendy brand: AUBADE

The AUBADE brand underwear shop is a French brand, focusing on retro trend.Its sexy underwear series mainly include high -waist beam pants, stockings, sexy skirts, etc., which are all designs full of temptation and classical charm.In brand underwear shops and official websites, you can find a series of designs full of glory, but the fashion trend is not lost without texture and elegance.

5. Low -key high -end brand: Laiya

Laiya is a brand with high -end underwear quality. Its sexy underwear series includes perfectly fit bra, high -waist strap pants, sexy see -through lace and other styles.Different from other brands, its design shape is low -key, but without losing quality and sexy.Whether it is a shopping mall or an online shopping platform, you can easily find Laya’s sexy underwear series.

6. Authentic Japanese brand: Lingerie Mathilde

Lingerie Mathilde is an authentic Japanese brand. Its sex lingerie series is unique in lace manufacturing and aesthetics.The perfect fusion of the white series dynamic and soft, the black series has a strong sense of design, and the perspective design has enlarged the space of desire.If you want to experience different countries and different styles of design aesthetics on sexy underwear, Lingerie Mathilde is a choice that is not to be missed.

7. Ge high degree of freedom: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur brand underwear shop always adheres to the principles of freedom, personality, and teasing in sexy underwear design.There are more colorful designs in the sexy underwear series, including three -point type of lipstick, bondage corset, perspective body pants skirt, metal chain -shaped bare beam pants, and so on.Let you explore the limit of freedom on sexy underwear and tease your desire to and your partner.

8. Body temperature induction brand: Bi Nu

The main feature of the Bi Nu brand underwear is its body temperature induction technology.Infension smart chips can change with the temperature of the human body, and control through the mobile APP, making your sexy underwear more interesting and charming.Their sexy underwear series, including underwear, bra, bellyband and stockings, all have different types of choice.

9. Young fashion brand: SKIVA

The sexy underwear series owned by the SKIVA brand underwear store fully cater to the taste of young fashion female consumers.Its design language is simple and clear, the color jumps brightly, and perfectly shows the personality and attitude of young people.In addition to sexy sexy underwear, SKIVA also launched a sports underwear series, which can meet the needs of young women. The body is comfortable, comfortable, sexy and fashionable.

10. Professional vest brand: Maison Close

The Maison Close brand underwear shop is different from other brands. It focuses on vest design. These underwear can be worn on other underwear or directly wear it on your body, increasing sexy and highlighting personality.The design emphasizes sexy, psychedelic and mysterious, and allows you to play with sexy and aesthetics.

in conclusion:

The above ten brands of underwear stores have their unique sexual underwear characteristics. Consumers can choose according to personal needs, design and styles when choosing.In the end, you must choose to meet personal needs and comfortable sexy underwear. At the same time, you can also match different styles according to the situation and occasions.

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