What erotic underwear attracts men

What erotic underwear attracts men

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear has become more and more favored by women.But what kind of sexy underwear can really attract men?Here are some experiences.

Material and texture

Sexy sexy underwear is best to choose high -quality materials, such as real silk, velvet, mesh, etc.The softness, texture and gloss of these materials can make you more attractive.Moreover, try to avoid choosing cheap synthetic materials, which not only is not breathable, but also stimulates the skin.

Color and style

Choosing the color and style that suits you is one of the focus of showing charm.Generally speaking, black and red are the most popular colors of men.These two colors can improve sexy in terms of visual effects and implies.In terms of styles, different figures, temperaments and characters can choose different styles to achieve better results.

Perspective and off -the -shoulder

Perspective and off -the -shoulders are a special design of sexy underwear.Permaneous sexy underwear allows men to experience your nakedness in imagination, even if it is not completely exposed to your body.The off -shoulder design makes your shoulder and neck lines more slender and more feminine.

Lace and net yarn

Both lace and mesh are the popular design elements in sexy underwear, which can increase the mystery and sexy temperament of women.Especially the design of the naked part is even more fascinating.

Tedicated decoration and details

The clever design of these small details can be more eye -catching when the sexy underwear model catwalk.Decorative elements such as hook eyes, bow, ribbon, etc. can make your sexy underwear more refined.

Accessories and dress

Interest underwear does not exist in isolation, and the accessories and overall outfits you match are also very important.Appropriate high heels, lipsticks and necklaces can enhance your sense of fashion and temperament, making you more tempting.

Consider men’s preferences

Finally, what kind of erotic underwear should consider men’s preferences.Different men love different underwear. By understanding their hobbies and opinions, choosing underwear suitable for them and men is naturally easier to attract them.


In summary, when choosing sexy underwear, you must not only consider your body and temperament, but also know the psychological and preferences of men.Materials, color styles, perspective and off -the -shoulder, lace and mesh, tedious decoration and details, accessories and outfits are key flash points.Of course, the most important thing is your self -confidence.Only self -confident women are more charming when wearing sexy underwear.

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