What fabrics are sexy underwear used

What fabrics are sexy underwear used

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear often uses special and textured fabrics to make.When choosing sexy underwear, understanding their types and characteristics of fabrics will help choose products that are more suitable for you.This article will introduce the types and characteristics of the fabrics usually used in sexy underwear.

1. Lace fabric

Lace fabric is the most common and most popular fabric in sexy underwear.It consists of fine mesh patterns, usually made of silk, cotton, nylon and other materials.Lace fabric has a strong sexy and tempting effect visually, and it feels soft, light and breathable, and has high comfort.

2. Silk fabric

Silk is a very high -quality natural fabric. Because it has luster and is both soft and comfortable, it is very suitable for making sexy underwear.The first impression of silk fabric is high -end and elegant. After putting it on, the outline of the body can be more three -dimensional.

3. Perspective mesh fabric

Performing mesh is one of the more special materials in sexy underwear.It can create a unique visual effect, as if the naked part is not exposed.This fabric is usually composed of small mesh gaps, with diverse materials, including polyester, nylon, elastic fiber, etc.The permeability of the perspective mesh is high, and it is not easy to breed bacteria, which is more suitable for summer.

4. Synthetic fiber

Synthetic fiber is one of the common materials for sexy underwear, such as polyester, nylon, and apron.These materials have the advantages of high toughness, high deformation, friction resistance, weak hygroscopicity, and not easy to get wrinkles.Some synthetic fiber materials can add different pigments or additives as needed. It is easy to color, and it can also fire and prevent ultraviolet rays.

5. Artificial cotton

Artificial cotton is a fabric made of chemical fibers and natural fibers.Its feel is soft, water absorption, comfortable and warm.Common artificial cotton has nylon, silk cotton, Modal, etc. The quality of good quality is usually similar to the advantages and disadvantages of natural cotton, but the price is slightly higher.

6. Crystal fabric

Crystal fabric is a material composed of silk fabrics and shiny and bright effects.It is usually smooth and looks like a shiny crystal, which is very suitable for making sexy underwear.Crystal fabrics usually produce a variety of colorful effects in bright environments.

7. Adhesive fabric

The adhesive fabric originated from the fitting agent technology, which is characterized by a soft feel, and it can be close to the body curve.The adhesive fabric is breathable, easy and soft, and is very soft and smooth. It is suitable for creating a curve beauty of women’s bodies.

8. Polyester fiber

Polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber obtained by chemical reactions.Its advantages include anti -wrinkle, lightweight, breathable, etc., and well thermal insulation.However, polyester fiber material is relatively easy to process, of course, relying on the skills of the master to determine its quality.

9. Transparent fabric

Transparent fabrics are usually produced by footholds such as red master, lace mesh, or beautiful yarn.This fabric reveals a mysterious, deep, and seductive characteristics, and the sense of transparency can also highlight sexy and gender expression.

10. polyurethane

Polyurethane is a commonly used fabric coating. It is applied to sexy underwear fabrics to increase the texture and feel of sexy underwear. At the same time, it can also provide greater possibilities for making higher -level, high -quality, and high -quality products.

in conclusion:

The types of fabrics used in sexy underwear are very diverse and have their own characteristics.When choosing sexy underwear, based on personal figures and preferences, consider the texture, comfort, and breathableness of the fabric, choose a product that is best for you.

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