What is a small bead of sexy underwear

What is a small bead of sexy underwear

As the market demand of sexy underwear has continued to increase, more and more women have begun to buy various sexy -style sexy underwear, but many women are still very interested in small beads on sexy underwear and do not know what they are.Next, this article will introduce the little beads on the sexy underwear in detail, from their materials, effects to the details that need attention, to answer the doubts of women who want to know the sexy underwear beads.

1. What is a little bead of sexy underwear?

Little beads are common decorative items on sexy underwear. They are usually made of silicone, plastic and other materials. The shapes are round, oval, water droplets, etc. The colors are mostly transparent light or various monochrome. The texture is soft., Smooth.

2. What are the effects of small beads?

The little bead not only increases the visual aesthetics of sexy underwear, but also has a certain irritation and massage effect.For example, some erotic underwear placed the beads on the nipples of the corset to massage the nipples and increase sexy. Some sexy underwear put the small beads in the vagina, bringing a pleasant feeling to women.

3. What are the materials for small beads?

The materials of the little beads of sexy underwear are generally plastic, silicone, crystal, glass, metal, etc.Among them, plastic and silicone are commonly used. Because they are soft and easy to form, they can have a variety of different shapes.Crystal, glass, metal, etc. are more precious, the price is higher, and it is rare when making sexy underwear.

4. Is the size and quantity of small beads particular about?

The size and quantity of small beads can be designed according to different needs.Generally, the diameter of the little beads of sexy underwear is between 2-5mm, and the number is generally around 10.Because the role of small beads on sexy underwear is to increase beauty and stimulation, too much small beads may reduce comfort, and too little will affect the effect of sexy underwear. Therefore, you need to choose according to personal needs.

5. How to clean the little beads?

Small beads generally need to be washed by hand and cannot be cleaned with washing machines, otherwise it is easy to cause small beads to fall off.You can use neutral detergent and water, rub the underwear hard to clean.When cleaning, be careful not to work too much, otherwise it may damage the little beads.

6. What should I pay attention to when wearing sexy underwear?

When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to protecting the beads and avoid contact with sharp objects, otherwise it is easy to cause the pearls to fall off or wear.At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the frequency of cleaning underwear, not to be washed for a long time.

7. What are the recommended styles of sexy underwear beads?

The recommended style varies from person to person and needs to be selected according to personal needs and preferences.Some common sexy lingerie styles such as lace inlaid with small beads, small bead chains on sexy underwear, vibrating small bead underwear, etc.

8. How to add a glory to the little beads on the sexy underwear?

To add glory to the little beads on the sexy underwear, we can spray some cleaners or nursing essence oil for the little beads after cleaning, making them look more beautiful.However, it should be noted that the test should be done first when used to avoid excessive damage to the skin due to improper use.

Viewpoint: From the introduction above, it can be seen that the little beads of sexy underwear can play a beautiful and exciting role, and cleaning and maintenance of small beads are also crucial. ThereforeThere are many factors such as size to ensure comfort, healthy, and beautiful.

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