What is the situation of sexy jelly


Interesting underwear is a very popular costume in recent years. Unlike the style of ordinary underwear, sexy underwear emphasizes sexy, temptation and personality.But many people are still confused, and they don’t know where they should wear sex underwear.This article will introduce you what is suitable for wearing sexy underwear.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is of course the best time for wearing sexy underwear.Pink, red and black sexy underwear is the most popular color.Different styles of sexy underwear can be worn in this romantic holiday, such as lace, off -shoulders, hollow and sets, etc.

Birthday party

For those who want to celebrate their birthdays, wearing sexy underwear can increase the special feelings of parties.Transparent chiffon, colorful silk and three -dimensional lace are the perfect dress of birthday party.

Wedding party

You must be careful to wear sex underwear to participate in a wedding party.You need to choose a decent style to avoid negative effects on the theme of marriage.Some good choices can be nude, white, silver, or gold -style sexy underwear.

Sex life

Sexy underwear plays a very important role in sex.It can increase self -confidence and sexy for you, and let your partner appreciate your body lines.You can choose a sweet, sexy or wild style to meet the needs of you and your partner.

Bikini party

With the arrival of summer, outdoor activities and bikini parties will become more common.If you want to show more skin and enjoy the summer sun, then it is very suitable to choose a sexy underwear.Putting in sex underwear below the bikini can make you more sexy and confident.

Sexy party

Whether it is a friend’s party, a club party or other fashion occasions, wearing sex underwear will definitely attract the attention and envy of everyone.In these sexy parties, it is best to choose a beaded piece, crystal or shiny style.

Special date

Wearing erotic underwear is a way to add special dating opportunities.You can choose conspicuous design, or install sexy decoration in the chest and hip areas, you will definitely bring unlimited surprises and stimuli to special dating.

Celebrate special awards

Special awards are when you celebrate your achievements.Whether it is award -winning or other important moments, wearing sexy underwear will make you feel more confident and sexy.For celebrations, you can choose bright red, gold and silver styles.

Daily wear

It is entirely possible to wear fun underwear in daily life.More women choose to wear sexy underwear because it can release their sexy and vitality, increase self -confidence and charm.But you need to pay attention to choosing comfortable and suitable styles and sizes.

in conclusion

Different situations need different outfits.For sexy underwear, it can bring you self -confidence, sexy and tempting, but you need to learn to choose the style and occasions that suits you.Wearing erotic underwear is not necessarily to attract the attention of others, but to make yourself feel more beautiful and confident.

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