What kind of sexy underwear is best to wear

What kind of sexy underwear is best to wear

The vigorous development of sex culture has gradually separated from the ancient and traditional restraint, and has more elements and styles.However, in the face of many styles and styles, many people will be confused and do not know how to choose and wear sexy underwear that suits them.So, what kind of sexy underwear is best to wear?Below, let’s explore this issue together.

Specific analysis

First, we need to recognize a concept: specific analysis of specific situations.Different situations and different occasions need different underwear, which should be understood naturally.For example, when we enjoy private time at home, we can wear more open cylindrical or T -shaped styles, but when I go to some formal occasions, better choices are classic bras, panties or tanls.shape.Therefore, it is best to wear a weird sexy underwear, and you need to consider multiple factors such as personal needs, occasions and effects.

Comfort supremacy

The second point is that comfort is more important than everything.Not only are the sexy underwear close to our bodies, but we also need to satisfy the basic comfort. Otherwise, the mental relaxation will definitely not be able to talk about it.To achieve this goal, we can choose to use high -quality materials, such as silk, cotton, etc., to improve comfort as much as possible under the premise of ensuring aesthetics.

Attention to detail

The third point is to pay attention to details.Each piece of erotic underwear has its unique design style and decorative elements. Therefore, you need to observe carefully when choosing, such as ribbons, lace edges and beads on the underwear.More decorative elements do not mean better, suitable for yourself is the most important thing.

Color combination

The fourth point is to pay attention to the color combination.The color of sex underwear has a variety of colors, but different colors have different effects and demands.For example, black underwear is more of a noble and mysterious atmosphere, while the red is more passionate and hot.Of course, in different occasions and places, we can choose different colors to meet environmental needs.

Size measurement

The fifth point is the size measurement.Whether it is traditional underwear or sexy underwear, the size is too small or too much is a problem.Not only appropriate wearable will not only reduce comfort, but also affect health.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, the size should be measured to ensure that the size is appropriate.

Material requirements

The sixth point is the material requirements.The production of sexy underwear such as silk, cotton, lace, etc. can also affect quality and comfort.Following the principle of choosing high -quality and natural materials at the time of purchase, you can go out to go out psychologically.


The seventh point is that the occasion is selected.The sexy underwear style, color, and accessories required for different amateur activities are also different.For example, Valentine’s Day should pay attention to red romance, and the wedding must be warm with pure white or pink, and the place where the party must be located based on the enthusiastic bottom line.

choice of style

The eighth point is, style choice.In addition to suitable size, high comfort, and reasonable color, the style suitable for you is obviously crucial.Only in line with your own style can you feel natural and more handy.

Matching skills

The ninth point is to match skills.Different erotic underwear requires different accessories and matching methods to play the best results.For example, using long skirts or woolen coats can make people feel more sexy and noble, while hot pants and mesh transparent skirts are more suitable for summer occasions.

in conclusion

All in all, what kind of sexy underwear is best to wear, and you need to consider multiple aspects.Comfort, quality, size, color, and occasions are very important considerations.Only by truly in line with our needs, body shape, and comfortable sexy underwear can we meet our inner needs and feelings.

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