What kind of sexy underwear trademark belongs


In modern society, more and more people have begun to pay attention to sexy underwear and start spending and collecting them.In sexy underwear, trademarks are a very important part. It is not only a brand logo, but also promotes sales and brand awareness.However, many people do not know much about the classification and legal restrictions of sexy underwear.In this article, we will discuss which category of sexy underwear trademarks, and related legal restrictions.

What is a trademark?

Trademarks refer to symbols, marks or design that are used to identify the source of goods and services.It is the only identity of a brand and is used to distinguish the goods and services of a company and the goods and services of other companies.Trademarks can include various symbols such as text, images, numbers, colors, and shapes.

Sorting of sexy underwear trademarks

Interest underwear trademarks can be divided into two types: text trademark and graphic trademark.The text trademark is a combination of one or more letters, numbers, words, or phrases, which can be used to represent the brand name, slogan or product model.The graphic trademark refers to symbols, patterns, images, etc., which can be specific shapes, or abstract symbols, art design, etc.

Legal restrictions on trademarks

Trademark is a monopolized and protected rights, and it is protected by relevant laws.According to relevant laws and regulations, trademarks must meet the following conditions:

-The trademarks must be specific and cannot be too abstract or blurred.

-The trademark must be directly associated or covered with goods or services, and cannot be related to the core products of trademarks.

-Adders cannot infringe the intellectual property rights of others, and they must not be too similar or imitate other registered trademarks.

-Ablons cannot violate public interests and moral norms.

The importance of sexy underwear trademark

With the growth of the sexy underwear market, the importance of sexy underwear trademarks is becoming more and more obvious.Interest underwear trademarks are not only the brand logo, but also the reputation and reputation of the brand.A good trademark can enhance consumers’ awareness and trust in the brand, thereby promoting sales and brand influence.

How to obtain sex underwear trademarks

There are mainly the following ways of sex underwear trademarks:

-Registration method: You need to apply for trademark registration from the State Intellectual Property Office. After the conditions are met, you can be registered.

-Caris: trademark holders must be regular merchants or dealers.Only when you are purchased or obtained through regular channels, you can use and sell it legally.

-Is existing methods: Some sexy underwear brands already have their trademarks, so they can obtain permission or cooperation rights through cooperation to legally use and sell.

How to use sex underwear trademarks

The use of sexy underwear trademarks will vary depending on the brand and merchants, but it can generally be used in the following areas:

-So -sex lingerie manufacturing and sales;

-Added and promotional activities;

-Onton website and social media publicity;

-Le authorized to merchants.

The protection of sexy underwear trademarks

The protection of sexy underwear trademark is very important.Trademark holders must take the following measures to protect their trademarks:

-D monitoring of infringement in the market;

-The legal assistance to seeking trademark infringement;

-In increase consumer trust and awareness of trademark brands.


Interest underwear trademarks are important signs of the brand, and they are also protection measures for business behavior.Interest underwear trademarks can be text or graphics trademarks, and must meet relevant legal protection conditions.Trademark holders should take measures to protect the brand’s brand reputation and reputation in order to increase sales and brand influence.

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