What sexy sheets are wearing a buttock

What are the sexy underwear?

When choosing sexy underwear, especially when your butt is relatively large, you may feel a little difficult.While maintaining confidence in yourself, choosing the right sexy underwear is the right of every woman.The following are suggestions for choosing a sexy underwear suitable for big butt.

1. Choose high waist underwear.

Wearing high waist underwear is a great choice to cover the butt.They provide appropriate coverage for your hips and create a balanced appearance for your body proportion.The design of high waist underwear can also cover your small belly, making you feel more confident.

2. Consider the lace material.

The lace material is very suitable for women who want to find balance between sexy and charming.They have the characteristics of light and breathable, and can make women with large buttocks more elegant.The lace material can also create a softer appearance to provide comfort for your figure.

3. Avoid too much pendant.

The design of the pendant is very eye -catching, but this is not very good for women with big butt.Too much pendant will cause others to notice your hips, which may make you feel uncomfortable.Try to buy a small amount of pendant sexy underwear to reduce the attention of the hips.

4. Select the right size.

It is important to wear a suitable size sexy underwear, especially for women with large butt.If you choose too tightly, it will make your body look unbalanced and may cause discomfort.Try different styles and sizes to find the sexy underwear that suits you best.

5. Adjustable shoulder straps.

Many erotic underwear are equipped with adjustable shoulder straps, which means that you can adjust the length of the underwear as needed.This is a good choice, because this can make you feel more comfortable and provide a better balance for your figure.

6. Put on abdomen underwear.

Abdominal underwear can balance your body and reduce the manifestation of fat.This is a choice for women with large buttocks, because it can provide a better appearance for your figure.

7. Try bikini pants.

Bikini pants are an ideal choice for women with large butt.They can appropriately cover the hips and create a moving proportion.Bikini pants can also make you more confident, because they show your figure, but it will not be fully exposed.

8. Select the right color.

Colors can play an important role in the selection of sexy underwear.If you want to attract others’ attention to the upper body, then you can choose a bright color.On the contrary, if you want to move your attention to other parts, you can choose the dark series underwear.

When choosing a big sexy underwear, remember to try different styles and sizes to find the sexy underwear that suits you best.Choosing the right sexy underwear can make you feel more comfortable and confident.

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