What to do if you need to wear sex underwear

What to do if you need to wear sex underwear

Step 1: Raice the body size correctly

The key to wearing sex underwear is comfort and appropriateness, so it is very important to have a sexy underwear suitable for your body size.Measure your body size, including bust, waist circumference, hip circumference, long inner legs, etc. You can choose a professional underwear shop or your own measuring ruler to complete.

Step 2: Select the style that suits you

For different body types, suitable sexy lingerie styles are also different.For example, for women with small breasts, they can choose to fill the chest pad or elastic style, and for women with large breasts, they can choose a supporting style.

Step 3: Select the color and material that suits you

Interest underwear is usually designed for the hot atmosphere, so the color and material also need to be considered.For women with light skin tone, choosing light -colored sexy underwear will look more fresh and pleasant, and women with dark skin can choose bright colors to highlight their personality.

Step 4: Pay attention to the maintenance of sexy underwear

Sex underwear needs to be in contact with the body and often washed, so maintenance is particularly important.Try to avoid machine washing and soaking, you can choose to wash and use a laundry bag for protection.Different materials and different cleaning methods. You can refer to the washing label of the underwear for processing.

Step 5: Respect your own comfort

Interest underwear is to enhance self -confidence and sexy feelings, not to make you feel uncomfortable.If you don’t like or feel uncomfortable for a certain style, you can choose other styles, which is the most important thing that is suitable for yourself.

Step 6: Learn to wear skills

Interest underwear is not only worn alone, but also can be used with clothes or other underwear, and can even be used as an inner dress with usual dress.Learning to match skills can better play the function of sexy underwear.

Step 7: Select the appropriate occasion to wear

Sex underwear is usually worn for intimate occasions, so you need to pay attention to the choice of the occasion.Avoiding it in public will not only make people feel embarrassed, but also not in line with social routines.

Step 8: Confidence is the most beautiful decoration

Wearing sexy underwear, we must first have confidence.No matter what style of erotic underwear, you need to have enough self -confidence to show his beauty and sexy.Confidence is the best decoration.

Step 9: Knowing your own wishes

Wearing erotic underwear is to increase the taste and taste of sexual life, so you need to know your preferences and willingness, and communicate with your partner to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and trouble.

Step 10: Enjoy the fun of wearing erotic underwear

Finally, wear sexy underwear to enjoy the fun.Whether it is increasing confidence or excitement, it is worth experiencing.


Wearing erotic underwear is to better enjoy sexual life and increase self -confidence, but you need to pay attention to the size, style and occasion that suits you.When wearing sexy underwear, self -confidence and trust are also very important. Only in this way can the best results.

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