Where can I get the goods for sex underwear

Understand the sexy underwear market

The sexy underwear market is a market with high profits, so it has attracted many people to join.In such a market, we first need to understand the market trend and the type of product required.

Search network supplier

On the Internet, there are many sexy underwear suppliers.We can search the engine to find keywords to find the supplier that suits us.

Taobao platform

Taobao platform is a very mature e -commerce platform. It has many sexy underwear suppliers, and the price is relatively low.We can find direct suppliers on Taobao, or cooperate with the brand of this product.

Alibaba Platform

On the Alibaba platform, many sexy underwear suppliers can be found. They usually provide batch procurement plans, and the price is cheaper than the suppliers on Taobao.

Classification Directory Platform

In addition to Taobao and Alibaba, there are some third -party sexy underwear classification catalog platforms. They usually list some sexy underwear suppliers, so that we can find appropriate suppliers through these platforms.


The sex underwear exhibition is a very good way to find a way to find suppliers and communicate with related industries.At the exhibition, we can selectively communicate with many suppliers and understand the latest design trends.

Foreign Ovemers Exhibition

If we can withstand higher procurement costs, we can consider participating in foreign sex underwear exhibitions abroad.This can expose some professional sexy underwear manufacturers, and these manufacturers usually have advanced technology and design.

Cooperate with domestic manufacturers

Cooperate with domestic sexy underwear manufacturers or wholesalers, allowing us to help them wholesale and sell products more targetedly.And cooperate with domestic partners, the supply and after -sales service are more reliable.

Plan your own sexy underwear brand

If we have brand consciousness and unique design, considering creating our own sexy underwear brands is also a good choice.Before creating a brand, you need to determine the advantages and positioning of the brand and find reliable partners.

Find an agent

If we want to wholesale and sell sexy underwear on a large scale, we can consider finding agents.Some agents have their own sales channels and networks, and can help sales and marketing products.


The sexy underwear market is a market full of opportunities, but it also faces many competition and challenges.We need to choose the appropriate procurement and sales method based on the market situation and product type.Finally, maintain the design concept of innovation and update, and regularly participate in exhibitions and exchanges with colleagues in the industry in order to continuously improve their competitiveness and win market recognition.

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