Where to buy Shanghai sexy underwear

Where to buy Shanghai sexy underwear

In today’s society, sexy underwear is no longer a shameful thing. It is said that even some ladies have a complete set of sexy underwear. Every time we wear different styles, to shape different sexy images and stimulate the other half of the visual experience.Then increase interest.So, where can I buy Shanghai sexy underwear?Here are a few sexy underwear shops.

1. Quota Supermarket (Taobao shop)

The sex products supermarket is a sexy underwear shop in Taobao with more than 4,000 sex products and sexy underwear.Here you can find sexy underwear of various types and prices.If shopping is difficult, customer service will also provide you with professional suggestions and choices.

2. 1935 Interesting World (Online Store)

1935 Fun World is a sexy underwear brand with its own online shop. The price is more affordable and there are many types.In this store, you can not only find sexy sexy underwear, but also find sex products of other brands.

3. Namiyang fun (physical store)

Famous Yang Intellectual is the largest sexual store in Shanghai, with a large store with an area of more than 2,000 square meters.The store offers various types of sexy underwear, as well as sexual supplies, lubricant, massage sticks, sex toys and other erotic supplies.

4. Caiyun Ting’s Intellectual Underwear Museum (physical store)

Caiyun Ting’s Insweethel Museum is a sexy underwear shop located on Pedestrian Street, Nanjing East Road, Shanghai.This is a high -end sexy underwear shop. The price of items sold is relatively high, but the quality is better.

5. Ju Mei Tao Instead of Insweether (Taobao Store)

Jumei Tao’s Infusion Underwear is a shop that operates sexy underwear on Taobao. It is known for its diverse styles and affordable prices.All the fun underwear of the store is produced by your own home, and the quality is guaranteed.

6. Original imported sexy underwear (online shop)

European and American original sexy underwear is a sexy underwear online store that sells original European and American original products. It has different underwear brands.The sexy underwear here is imported products, and the quality and comfort are very good.

7. Xingmei underwear sex lingerie store (Taobao shop)

Xingmei Underwear Innerwear Shop is a Taobao shop, which mainly sells sexy underwear with various styles and prices.And in the store, you can freely buy out of the shipping.

8. Sexual tribal sex lingerie hall (physical store)

Sexual tribal sexy underwear hall is located in Dabai Tree, Hongkou District, Shanghai. The store provides mainly sexy products and sexy underwear. There are many types, and the store is relatively large.

9. Mengfei Infusion Lingerie Shop (Taobao shop)

Meng Fei’s sexy underwear store is a Taobao shop mainly based on the main color underwear. There are many people wearing, and the evaluation has always been very good.Their product is good and the transportation speed is fast. It is worthy of educating everyone to go shopping.

10. Ziri fun (physical store)

Ziri fun is a sexy underwear store, which mainly provides underwear, sex toys, lubricants and other products.It is worth mentioning that the interior of the store is very warm and makes people feel comfortable.


There are many options for buying sex underwear. You can buy it directly through Taobao or go to the physical store for shopping.However, it must be remembered that the brand, product quality and price of its store must be considered.Although sexy underwear has become a very popular fashion element, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of underwear and clothing with good quality.

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