Where to put in erotic underwear

How to expose sexy jackets

For sexy underwear, drying is an essential part.Not only can it keep the underwear clean, but it can also prevent bacteria from breeding.However, the style of sexy underwear is diverse. How can we correct the underwear correctly?Below, let’s take a look at the specific method of drying underwear.

Try to avoid direct sunlight

Sunshine Tai Lie will fade and deform the color of the underwear, which will affect the beauty of the underwear.Therefore, when you are exposed, you can choose the sunlight as much as possible.

Choose a good place for ventilation

Choosing a well -ventilated place can prevent underwear from moisture for a long time.If the air does not flow, underwear is prone to mold and bacteria, and it is slow to dry, but it will breed bacteria.

Adopt a soft air -drying method

In addition to the sun, natural air -drying is also an effective way to dry sex underwear.However, the wind should not be too strong to avoid damage to the underwear.Therefore, we can choose a soft air volume or take away the water with a towel, and then dry it naturally.

Avoid direct exposure on the balcony

The balcony is far from the ground, especially the high -floors. The direct shot of the sun can easily contaminate the underwear. In addition, the strong wind can easily bring the dirty air to the balcony.Therefore, we can arrange a hanger on the balcony to cover direct sunlight, and then hang the sexy underwear on the hanger.

Choose a cool belt to dry

In high temperature in summer, we should avoid letting sex underwear expose to the sun.You can choose to make clothes in a cool area in the early morning or evening to avoid directly exposed to the sun in the sun.

The hanging shelf is a good choice

The suspension -type drying rack can be used to expose sexy underwear so that the underwear can avoid deformation to the greatest extent.Therefore, we can choose a suspended drying rack with good quality and stable card position.

Prevent underwear from fading under the sun

When encountering a strong sunshine, the color of the underwear will be affected, especially the light -colored erotic underwear.Therefore, we can use concentrated laundry or soft agents to protect the color of the underwear.

Pay attention to a large number of biological breeding

Under a humid and sultry climate, bacteria and molds and other creatures will reproduce a large amount, which is very harmful to the body.Therefore, you must choose a place with good ventilation, dryness, and no debris when sun -exposure.

Remove the dismantling attachment and dry

There are more sexual underwear, even demolished.When drying, we can dry these spare parts separately to prevent the sexy underwear accumulated together without cleaning or not suitable, which is more likely to breed bacteria and impurities.

Special treatment of sexy underwear with high dryness requirements

Some sexy underwear is more sensitive and requires high dryness.In response to this situation, you can choose to manually squeeze out the water, and then dry it in a good ventilation and dry place.


Different erotic underwear materials are different, and the methods of drying are different.Therefore, when we drying sexy underwear, we must handle different treatments for different materials and different styles.At the same time, avoid direct sunlight, choose good ventilation, dry places to dry, to extend the service life of underwear.

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