Whether to wear sex underwear once if you want to throw it once

Whether to wear sex underwear once if you want to throw it once

For some women, erotic underwear is not only sexual products, but also a fashion item that adds fun.But for some people, sexy underwear can only be worn once, otherwise I feel unhygienic.So, do you want to throw in sexy underwear?Let me give you a brief explanation.

The quality of underwear fabric

The quality of the underwear directly determines its life cycle.Some high -quality underwear fabrics can better breathable, comfortable, not easy to deform, ball and so on.If you choose high -quality sexy underwear, you can use it more, and you don’t have to throw it away.

Underwear use

If this sexy underwear is worn during sex, then its hygiene is not very good, and the number of times is even less.And if this underwear is only used to wear fun, or it is comfortable to wear at home, it is recommended to use it a few more times.


Whether it is ordinary underwear or sexy underwear, washing is critical.If it is cleaned immediately after wearing this sexy underwear, it will not cause much problems in terms of hygiene, and it is still possible to use it again.But if you have never been cleaned, even if you only use it once, it is recommended to throw it away.

Whether to share with others

Interest underwear is a private product that sharing with others may bring hygiene problems.If you share it with a fixed partner, you can still use it again after cleaning.However, if you share it with different people, it is recommended to throw away to prevent germs from spreading.

Wearing time

If it takes a short time, for example, it takes only a few minutes or less than half an hour, then it can be used again.But if it takes a long time, for example, after wearing it for a whole day or multiple hours, it is recommended to throw it away.

Price of underwear

The price of underwear is also an important consideration.If you spend a high price to buy a sexy underwear, it is a waste to throw away it once.If the price is not high and I feel that it is not too hygienic, then make a decision by yourself.

Sanitation status

If this sexy underwear is new or very clean, there will be no obvious problems with a few more times.But if this underwear has been contaminated or worn, it is not recommended to use it again.

usage frequency

If you wear this sexy underwear very high, and even wear it every week, it is recommended not to use it, because frequent use may cause its quality to decline, it is easy to deformed, the ball, and so on.


The service life of sexy underwear is not fixed, and you need to decide whether to throw away according to different situations.In the actual use process, it is also necessary to strengthen the maintenance and cleaning of sexy underwear, which is more hygienic and healthy when used.

The ultimate conclusion is that it is not conclusive whether to throw away sex underwear and need to be judged according to the specific situation.

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