Why can’t Taobao search for sex underwear

Why can’t Taobao search for sex underwear

With the rapid development of the Internet, e -commerce platforms have become an important way for people to shop, and Taobao is the main representative of domestic e -commerce platforms.However, in recent years, many consumers have reported that they cannot find sexy underwear on Taobao, which has confused many people who buy sexy underwear. So why is it?

Paragraph 1: Involved in laws and regulations

As a business website, Taobao needs to comply with relevant laws and regulations, and the sales of sex products are limited in my country.According to relevant laws and regulations, sexual products such as sexy underwear and condoms are special products. Only dealers who have obtained specific certificates can be legally sold.Therefore, it is impossible to find sexy underwear on Taobao because the number of legitimate supplies dealers is small, and at the same time, some merchants do not have relevant certificates or the expired certificates.

Paragraph 2: Existing risk

Sexual supplies itself belongs to a kind of sensitive products and is suppressed by social moral concepts. Therefore, it has become an important issue to buy sexy underwear on Taobao that meets social morality and whether it will cause controversy.In addition, sexy underwear is mostly private items and needs to protect consumers’ privacy. If privacy leaks occur, they may cause great damage to consumers.

Paragraph 3: Protecting minors

The shopping activities of minors on Taobao are supervised, and sexy underwear is also a controversial product. There are some minors for online shopping. Therefore, it is also a measure to restrict the listing of sexy underwear.one.

Paragraph 4: Regulations on the Taobao platform itself

As a large e -commerce platform, Taobao also has its own regulations, one of which is to prohibit the sale of prohibited products and obscene items.Although sexy underwear itself is not obscene items, considering that the nature and occasions of some commodities are more special, the Taobao platform has adopted such regulations to control some extreme conditions.

Paragraph 5: Platform strategy

In addition, Taobao was forced to make a decision to restrict the listing of sexy underwear for some sellers.In order to ensure the quality of logistics and after -sales, this is also a relatively conservative business strategy, which also reflects the platform’s attention to consumer satisfaction.

Paragraph 6: Too sensitive

As a commodity, it is no longer a secret in the market, but because it is a private item, it is sensitive to many consumers.It also brought some resistance to Taobao’s sexy underwear.

Paragraph 7: Platform style

The Taobao platform considers the consumer’s psychology, maintains the family friendly style, and implements the rules of restricting some commodity sales.For some products, especially the products such as sexy underwear, it may appear too exposed, and it is not suitable for appearing on the homepage of the platform, so such products are limited to the shelves by Taobao.

Paragraph 8: The law is gradually relaxed

In recent years, my country’s laws and regulations have gradually relaxed, and consumer ideas are gradually open. This may bring some opportunities to the sales of sexy underwear, but the prospects are still very uncertain and need time to observe.


In summary, why Taobao can’t find sexy underwear mainly due to various reasons: restrictions on laws and regulations, product characteristics, etc. Although it has also been opposed and resisted, this is still a kind of business and lawThe balance needs to be folded between different interests.In the future, with the gradual opening of social moral concepts and the gradual relaxation of legislation, maybe sexy underwear will reopen on e -commerce platforms such as Taobao.

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