Wife is fat

My wife is fat, and I can also wear fun underwear

Wife is very fat is a very common problem, which makes many female friends feel trouble.However, fat is not a problem. As long as you can choose the clothes that suits you, you can easily cover the defects in your body.It is no exception to wear sexy underwear.

Pay attention to the style of the fat body

Wearing sex underwear needs to pay attention to your body style, especially for fat people.When wearing a fun underwear, the fat man needs to choose a style that suits you to avoid exposure of shortcomings.Bold shapes are not suitable for everyone, especially fat people, but more need to find a style that suits you.

Choose a suitable size of sex underwear

Choosing a suitable size of sexy underwear is the most important point to wear.If you choose a too small sexy underwear, then it will apply too much pressure and even cause stress and pain to your body.On the other hand, if you choose too much size, it will appear empty and lack of beauty.

High -waist underwear and women’s fat people’s sexy underwear

High -waist underwear can help you cover your stomach and waist.They can make your body slender and reduce any place where you don’t want others to see.In this case, you can choose a proper woman’s fat man’s sexy underwear, which can reduce where you don’t want others to see and increase confidence.

Choose the right color

For fat people, choosing the right color is very important.Here, you need to consider your skin color, hair color and eye color.Generally, deeper colors can help reduce visual weight to make the outline more clear. At the same time, the black or dark blue sexy underwear with sequins or flashing can make you look more sexy.

Is the red love underwear suitable for fat body?

When it comes to the color of women’s sexy underwear, many people may think of red.But a common problem is, is red love underwear suitable for fat figures?Does the color make the fat man look fat?In fact, this is not the case.Red color sexy underwear makes you look sexy and more confident.If you choose a structural red sexy underwear, you may reduce the visual experience of some weight.

Don’t ignore the details

Details are very important for any style of wear.Details are more important when choosing sexy underwear.You need to choose a neat sexy underwear without any pockets or gaps.In addition, details such as jersey underwear and lace will also increase the texture and beauty of sexy underwear.

Choose the right material

Choosing suitable materials is the key.Generally, sexy underwear is made of polyester fiber and elastic silk.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should consider your skin sensitivity to avoid choosing materials that are too stimulating to skin.

Comfortable to wear

The most important thing is that it feels stressless, not tight, free to wear, and for fat people, it is more important to make them feel comfortable and confident.If you feel uncomfortable or very nervous, you may lose the beauty and self -confidence brought by sexy underwear.

Conclusion: Love yourself, you will dress beautifully

The above is some skills to wear sexy underwear, but in the end the most important thing is to love yourself.Everyone is beautiful, regardless of body.Wearing a sexy underwear is not to satisfy the eyes of others, but to love yourself, it feels more confident and beautiful.

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