Wife wears fun underwear and take a bus

Introduction: Discuss the question of his wife in a busy underwear and buses

As a sexy and unique clothing, sexy underwear is favored by women.However, is it appropriate to wear sexy underwear in public, especially when taking public transport?This is a controversial topic. Let’s discuss one by one.

Basic style of sexy underwear

The basic styles of erotic underwear include camisole, conjoined body, asymmetric formula, and opening type. Usually, low -cut, perspective, lace and other elements are used to highlight the curve and sexy temperament of women’s figures.Housekeeping.

Wear the pros and cons of bus

Advantages: Interesting underwear can enhance women’s self -confidence and charm and attract the attention of the opposite sex.Disadvantages: Public places show that it is too personal, too eye -catching, and it is easy to cause other people’s resentment or discomfort, especially in the dense buses of parents with children, students, and other people.

Intellectual underwear is suitable for wearing

Suitable occasions: Low -key fields in non -public places such as couple dating, family short -distance travel, and party wearing sexy underwear will make people have more surprises and enhance intimacy.In addition, in the formal sexy parties, nightclubs, KTV and other entertainment venues, sexy underwear is a costume and dress, so it is also suitable for wearing.

Unsuitable occasions: The occasions that are not suitable for sexy underwear are mainly public transportation, large public activities, formal occasions, business meetings, etc. in such occasions. Wearing sexy underwear is too conspicuous, which may cause unnecessary unnecessary unnecessaryEmbarrassment, discomfort and misunderstanding.

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you

1. Choose in style: Sexy underwear of suspenders, bras, and conjoined styles needs to be selected according to different figures and occasions.

2. Selection of size: Putting on sexy underwear, the most important thing is comfort and fit, so you need to make reasonable selection according to your body characteristics and size.

3. Material choice: High -quality materials have a great impact on the skin, so you need to choose a good comfortable fabric and material.

Cultural connotation of sexy underwear

From the perspective of cultural connotation, sexy underwear is a personalized and free expression, which reflects the attitude of women’s pursuit of independence, personality, and freedom today.While wearing sexy underwear, women are also showing their own self and expressing their true self to the world.

Precautions for wearing sexy underwear

1. To comply with local laws and regulations, especially countries and regions with large religions and cultural differences, you should pay more attention.

2. Respect the feelings of others, do not be too conspicuous in the formal occasion of contact with others, so as not to cause embarrassment and misunderstanding.

3. Strong awareness of self -protection, do not be too noticeable in public, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

Conclusion: Interesting underwear is a way to show yourself

Sexy underwear can enhance women’s sexy and charm, but it still needs to be dependent on the occasion and individual’s own situation in terms of wearing.Wearing erotic underwear is not only to give people a visual impact or attracting the opposite sex, but also an attitude and behavior of expressing women’s self, maintaining themselves, and showing themselves.

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